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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • On days like this, the cold cuts deep, down inside of me, and I feel my memories of you shiver.


    Hello, followers.  It is time to hibernate.  Please join me in sleeping for the next few months.  If we all hibernate together, none of us can be held individually responsible.  Society will just have to adjust.

    Seriously, I wish we hibernated through winter. But I don’t want to give up time I have to live. So, to balance it out, like bears, I want to just take 30 minute naps all spring and summer.

    (via skasaher)

    When the air turns cold,
    I remember our first day together.
    We were in the woods at dusk,
    and summer died suddenly, all at once,
    and I was caught coat-less with you,
    a near-stranger—
    a near-stranger wearing a sweater.
    So I was brave that day
    and came close,
    closer than I thought I could,
    right up against that purple-dyed wool,
    and when I blamed the chill,
    you laughed, and I laughed,
    because we both knew I was making excuses,
    excuses we were grateful for,
    the type all people are looking for,
    so they can finally be brave enough
    to claim the closeness they all want.

                                    — Kavalier Calm

    Tonight’s inspiration comes from two main sources. Firstly, Leonard Cohen in general is a constant inspiration; he is one of the few musicians who operates as a poet first, which is my aim. He doesn’t have a personal blog, so I will thank Hannah over at fuckyeahmrleonardcohen for posting great Cohen content. Secondly, I’ll thank the blogger at s-p-r-i-n-g- for posting warm and sunny images. I found this blog on my phone while I waited in the freezing cold for the bus this morning. While looking at it, my head started piecing together these lyrics. Enjoy!

         Spring nights

    Those spring nights are lost; and this winter is long.
    But I won’t forget your warmth.
    No, I won’t forget

    When you loved me on those spring nights
    I almost knew why I’m here.
    I tried to grasp the truth like water,
    but my fingers only found your hair—
    and that was good enough.


    When you loved me on those spring nights
    I whispered away my pain.
    Too quiet for you to hear the words,
    but loud enough to hear their meaning.
    I wanted you to respond, but you only smiled—
    and that was good enough.


    When you loved me on those springs nights
    I confused the humid air with lust.
    We were a spark, and we were fire itself.
    I sank in the steam, willing to drown,
    but I floated to the surface on your body—
    and that was good enough.