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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Tonight’s post was inspired by the blogger over at amourdemivida. When I found this blog yesterday, I went delving into its archive; it’s full of wonderful images of love and thoughts about love. The blog’s main title is “Amar es un Verbo.” Such a simple statement, but so true. I think sometimes people think of love as some static thing—an object waiting to be found. But really it is an action, something we each have to do, to make. This should be liberating, really, for all those blindly searching, hoping they’ll just stumble upon it one day. They only need to find someone else who’s ready to do the work, take the necessary actions, and live the verb—a much easier task. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy!

         Love is a verb

    Love is not just a word.
    No, it’s a verb,
    and I want you to act like you want to be in it with me.

    Love is a fuel,
    it make me move.
    And I’d like to move you with it.

    And I refuse to love anyone else but you;
    so, Darlin’, you better start lovin’ me.

    Love is not just a dream.
    No, it’s built on sweat and tears,
    and you aren’t putting in the work that I am.

    Love is not lazy.
    No, it should fill you with a fire.
    And it’s crazy how you’re treating me.


    Love’s not just a thing to throw away.
    No, it’s a treasure chest,
    and it’s time to get into it.

    Plunder, what we got between us,
    and I know you’ll be pleased with
    everything I’ve got to offer.