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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Today is a special day at CI. With this song we announce a new session artist at the project: Clementine. Clem’s got a big voice and an even bigger heart, both of which will be used heavily around here. We thought it best to make her official debut with this rockin’, racy piece. She wrote the lyrics, I wrote the guitar part, she made her lyrics fit, and then I made the mix. It’s pretty powerful for just three tracks, and it’s easy to imagine how beautiful it could be with a band. The magic of this is that we made it despite being a 1000+ miles apart (thank you, again, internet gods for email). Clementine works for a traveling circus, so we have to create on the sly, from afar. Her whole bio can and should be read on our Artists page. In honor of her coming to the scene, we devote this song to some awesome blogs with heavy doses of female power/rock content: fuckyeahfemalemusic, afuryofchicks, projectionofme, and strawberrylemonadedream. We hope everyone enjoys this tune because we promise many more in the near future. — K.C.  

         Be Quiet

    Don’t speak.
    Without words, only touch is left,
    And that can’t be faked.

    Be quiet to me
    Oh, please, oh
    Be quiet to me.
    Hush your mouth,
    Use it like this.

    Stand still.
    We’re easier to catch and keep
    in a trap of is bare skin.

    Don’t speak. Just shhh.
    Anything you could say now
    could wake us from the dream.


    In silence like this
    everything pulses, booms and beats.
    Can’t mishear fingers, no.


    Elijah Cash wrote this song yesterday. We recorded the rhythm guitar and vocals in one furious take; I added a solo guitar track then slapped a bow on it. This raw, angry, hungry gift is for these blogs with great music/blues content: hotheartbeats, burdenofbees, greeneggsetmoi, coolriffings, crayonfactoryblues, and indierockmachine. We hope everyone listening feeds off the energy and honesty in this tune. — K.C.


    Yeah, Marjorie, the jury is out on you,
    and you’re guilty to the Nth degree.
    Yes, darlin’, everyone, everyone here knows
    that you are guilty of loving me.

    Marjorie, everyone knows that you love me.
    Except for you.

    Yeah, Marjorie, I could make you mine.
    I could make you my—I could make you my wife.
    Yeah, Marjorie, we could marry.
    Right in front of God, the church, your mom, your dad—
    I’d give you my life.


    I put out a query for requests last night, and when I got home from work a couple hours ago, I saw this great idea from macharpermusic:

    Write about something contradicting. Something that isn’t what it is.

    I wrote this tune quickly, about a good girl who isn’t really so good, and asked Eli to perform it. We recorded in just a couple takes, so it’s raw. Special thanks to Mac for the idea; everyone should go check out her music, too! And thanks to everyone else who gave us ideas. We hope you all enjoy it. — K.C.

         Good Girl

    Everyone tells me you are too good for me,
    but they don’t know you like I do.
    Even my mother says I don’t deserve
    a god-fearing woman like you.
    They don’t know that you hide
    red lipstick in your purse,
    and they don’t know that you like to steal
    kisses behind the drug store.

    Baby, I’d like to help you show them the truth.

    You ain’t the good girl they think you is.
    I’ve seen cigarettes dangle from them lips.
    Oh, the Good, Good Lord knows
    you ain’t all His.
    You hold your liquor as well as
    you hold your Bible.
    Your preacher father
    wouldn’t recognize this child.

    Baby, just love me, forget what they wish;
    in the pew on Sunday, give me a kiss.
    I’ll bring your night life out in the daylight,
    and then they’ll see we are right
    for each other.

    I stumbled across Roxxi and her awesome blog roxjacpep last week and asked her if she’d be my newest muse. She challenged me to write about the image of a highway, saying:

    "Your destination is unknown, but that’s the fun part. You’ve got to treat each day as conclusive…Don’t live too much in the past, or too much in the future - just enjoy your journey, because at that moment, it’s all you have."

    I often go driving for driving’s sake—just to be in a complete moment with my car and the road—so I really understood her words. I was telling Elijah Cash about the song concept, and he said he wanted to write it, especially after he saw a picture of Roxxi (what a guy). Roxxi told me about her diverse taste in music, so I felt confident anyone at CI could deliver something she’d enjoy. I’d say Eli didn’t disappoint. This tune is devoted to Roxxi for the awesome request, and also to Emilee at muse-of-the-day and Paulina at nation-of-hipsters—two cool bloggers that I just started following who I think will dig this. Enjoy, everyone! — K.C.

         Driving to Drive

    I’m leaving an old lover behind,
    and I don’t care if I find
    a new one in the next town
    'cause I just want to get around.

    I got gasoline, four tires, and a mess of steel.
    I’m driving to drive—living through spinning wheels.

    I don’t know where I’m going in this hunk of metal,
    but I like the feel of my foot on the pedal,
    The window’s down, the sun’s on my arm,
    the radio’s playing my favorite song.

    Well, I don’t have a plan. I don’t know where I am.
    But I know that the tires feel smooth beneath me.
    Well, the highway’s long, as long as my thoughts,
    and I’ll keep driving until I silence them.

    Elijah Cash was inspired to write another song by the good people at The Getaway, our favorite bar in DC. This tune is for a particular snarky server, though Eli promises this is the most harmless of flirting. When we were drinking there Thursday night, they played Eli’s first song for the bar, and it was fun to see people enjoy our work. Eli asked our waitress and Jeremy the owner for a new song idea; she said, “write about a snarky server,” and he said, “use the phrase ‘Jeremy the owner.’” Done and done. Jeremy warned Eli to curb his enthusiasm, to not overdo it; he said bands stay cool and exclusive by releasing songs every three years, like Radiohead. But that isn’t CI’s style. We are about quantity, baby. We have a raging, burning fire to create, and nothing should stop it. That’s why we’ve decided Eli’s next EP will by titled The Getaway; it will be a compilation of songs about that bar and drinking in general. A perfect theme. Stay tuned. And enjoy these blues, friends! — K.C.

         The Only One I Want In My Net

    When I asked you where you’re from, I liked to watch
    the small talk spill from your mouth.
    You’re a worldly woman, and all of your charms
    cast a spell on this boy from The South.

    And Jeremy the owner says I don’t stand a chance,
    but you’ve never met a man like me.

    All my friends know I think you’re cute,
    and all my friends know I come here to see you.
    And you can be the snarky server all you want.
    It won’t make me give up the hunt.
    I promise I’ll be flirting until last call,
    if you just make all my drinks tall.
    I just learned your name, and now I want to know more—
    dive a little deeper with each pour.

    You are quite a catch, so the question is:
    have you been caught yet?
    There are lots of fish drowning in this bar,
    but you’re the only one I want in my net.

    Chelsea told me about her life in the West Virginia mountains, and I knew I had to write her a song. She and her dog Lager love the peaceful, simple life, and I admit reading about her experiences made me wonder why I love the city so much. I hope you enjoy this, Chelsea, and blast it next time you’re in your truck. Free downloads of this song are here. Much love. — Kavalier

         Me, My Dog, and the Mountain

    Up here we’re closer to the sun:
    barefoot and carefree, we swim and run.
    Just me, my dog, and the mountain.
    I hunt for mushrooms, and he chases birds.
    The moonshine flows until I’ve lost my words.
    Just me, my dog, and the mountain.

    City slickers’ skyscrapers and flashing lights,
    got nothing on tall trees and star-filled nights.
    Just me, my dog, and the mountain.

    A truck and a shotgun are all I own,
    but I feel rich up here on this rocky throne.
    Just me, my dog, and the mountain.