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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Today’s song is for Stephanie over at stephanieisadork. She answered my song request post by suggesting that I write a song about:

    How your bed can be so lonely, yet so comforting, at the same time.

    I liked this suggestion, so I checked out her blog, and I found a poem that she wrote. With her permission, I used much of the language from this poem to shape the lyrics for this song. I managed to combine her poem and the heart of her suggestion into a single tune. This was a wonderful exercise for me because I am a poet first; I originally picked up a guitar to give something extra to some of my poems, some poems that were begging to be sung. If any other poets out there would like to collaborate with me to turn their verses into a song, then please contact me. I also devote this song to some other great blogs I found that are about sleep, poetry, music, or all three: hipsterssleeping, loveletmesleep, sleep-and-poetry, and thetidalsleep. Enjoy everyone, and thanks for the inspiration, Stephanie! — K.C.

         Waking Up

    There is a time to witness the morning,
    to hear the sun wake up
    to see the wind erase the night’s mistakes,
    to smell the sky turning into a blue giant.

    There is a time
    to relive the dreams or nightmares
    soon to be locked away in your head
    in a drawer with a lost key.

    And we roll over, burrow down into
    pillows and sheets to hold onto this time.

    There is a time
    before time and space and theories
    catch up to us—
    when anything is possible,
    when we are greater than the sum of our parts.

    There is a time
    when everything is written
    by one hand,
    a sameness uniting
    the flawed and the perfect.


    This song is for Felicity at loveletmesleep. We’ve been chatting about life and love, and I’ve been reading her blog, and I was inspired to write about trying to get over an old love. She never said this is something she desires, but the words we’ve shared made me remember when I was trying to shake someone out of my mind. It wasn’t easy. I lost a lot of sleep. But she finally left, and someone else came to occupy my mind. Tonight, writing this song for Felicity, and remembering her…well, she made me lose sleep again, for old time’s sake. Thanks for reminding me of her and some good memories, Felicity. Enjoy the music, friends. — K.C.

         Love, Let Me Sleep

    Feel it through my words:
    your truths you cannot hide.
    Your lies made good company,
    but such friends are not shy.
    See it through my eyes:
    the glow I put around you.
    And you turned off the light
    to be a shadow of yourself.

    Love, let me sleep. I want to dream
    of better days, without you.

    Listen through my ears
    to the sound of your voice:
    the one sound I trusted
    to never leave.
    Read it across my face
    like the letters I sent across the ocean
    to your hands,
    the same hands that once held me.

    When you fall asleep before me,
    I count your breaths.
    Each is like a warm kiss on my neck,
    reminding me that you are there.

    And I am here,
    wondering how I earned such a thing,
    wondering how many breaths I can count
    before I sleep.

    It’s been hard to tell the difference
    between awake and dream
    since you began
    sleeping next to me.

    I stayed up late tonight
    thinking about life.
    Thinking about how it passes by.
    Lying here in my bed,
    I tried to fight the current.
    But it was as strong as the sea’s.
    It wasn’t long before,
    exhausted, I fell asleep.

    On mornings when I must wake before you,
    you pull the blankets over your head
    to hide from the light and my noise.
    I lift a part of the covers
    and find a small patch of skin
    on your back or stomach or leg
    and kiss it over and over and over
    until you grumble and moan,
    pretending you don’t like it.

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration)

    Victoria requested a song about music helping a girl through depression. Allison asked for a song she could fall asleep to. This dreamy tune meets both wonderful requests at once. Just hit play then close your eyes. Free downloads of this song are here (just enter $0 as the price). Much love. — Kavalier Calm

         Good Night

    You told me your days are full of sorrow.
    You don’t care if there’s tomorrow.
    And I can’t beat the ghosts in your mind,
    so I wrote a song to wish you good night.

    Good night, my love. Just dream.
    Good night, my love. Just sleep.

    No place is as safe as your bed.
    Close your eyes and rest your head.
    Demons and doubts run in fright
    when I use my heart to wish you good night.

    You: Why do you hold me while we sleep?
    Me: To make sure you're still there in the morning.
    Me: The day we met, it took me hours to fall asleep because I couldn't stop thinking about you.
    You: Did you know that night that you loved me?
    Me: No. I knew I loved you the next morning, after you filled my dreams that whole night.

    Did you know
    you elbow me in your sleep?
    And you talk—in full sentences.
    You wake me with stories
    that you don’t ever remember telling.
    And you wish I would make the bed,
    so sometimes I do.

    These things should bother me,
    but I am grateful for them.
    I gladly traded away space and sound sleep
    to guarantee I’m never alone
    in cold sheets.

    You: Why do you mumble in your sleep?
    Me: I guess I'm dreaming about talking to someone.
    You: Sometimes you breathe heavy and moan. What are you dreaming about then?
    Me: You.
    You: Can we set the alarm for later?
    Me: Can we just turn the alarm off?
    You: Can we just hibernate for three months?
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