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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • On warm summer nights,
    when you fell asleep naked,
    I would draw you
    with charcoal pencils
    on a cheap sketch pad.
    I didn’t know how to draw,
    but it felt necessary,
    it felt like I had to capture you.

    Now you’re gone,
    and I look at those sketches
    to remember that need,
    that feeling of having
    something worth saving,

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration)

    Be Your Muse — Today’s song is for Nicole over at louisebread, who asked:

    What’s something realistic I can draw?

    Last time someone suggested a baby elephant, and apparently everyone loved it :)

    I trust you guys, so any ideas?

    When Eli read this question, he turned to me and said: “If I knew a girl who could draw, I’d want her to draw me.” We both nodded to this, and I kept nodding as Eli picked up his guitar and slide. Enjoy the tune, Nicole, and thanks for the inspiration! — K.C.

          Be Your Muse

    Well, you’ve been showing me your sketches for years,
    and I remember each and every one.
    Them tattos, that baby elephant,
    and them racy ones you’d never show your mom.
    And you ask me what should be next,
    and I think something real:

    Something like me.
    And the way I feel about you;
    Yeah, darlin’,
    I’d like to be your muse.

    I’d like to watch the way
    you hold a pencil,
    and the chh, chh, chh it makes
    as it glides across the page.
    I’d like the watch the way you bite your lip
    as you focus on me.
    So, when you ask what should be next,
    I think something real:

    Something like me.
    And the way I feel about you;
    'Cause, baby,
    I’d like to be your muse.

    And, darlin’,
    you’re getting good.
    You got a sense of light and shading
    that most never could.
    But somehow you’ve missed the light that’s in my eyes
    everytime I look at you.

    Baby, I want to be your muse.