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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • I first want to thank those of you who answered my question; it was nice to get such a strong and immediate response. I tried to give back with a strong and immediate song! A number of bloggers suggested the girl’s hobby should be singing (hobbitgirl, ytrepyb, and doom2525), so I pretended this was a democracy and went with power in numbers. And I took fancy-tits's suggested name Shaye because…it's pretty. Why else? I came up with the guitar riff as I was falling asleep last night, but I wrote the lyrics, figured out the vocals, and recorded this in less than an hour. Thank you, followers; your interest is my fuel! I may work with some of the other suggestions I received, too; I want to give back to all of you. Enjoy! — Kavalier Calm


    Shaye, when you sing, I am all ears.
    You have the voice of one who’s seen better years.
    Well, I’ve seen better times, too,
    and I’d like to make good times with you.

    'Cause it may be easy to carry a tune;
    but I had no reason to sing before I met you.

    If you teach me all your songs,
    I know I can’t go wrong.
    We’ll be two songbirds, flying through the air—
    filled with music, without a care.

    Shaye, I thought the world was full of mutes until I met you.
    I thought I’d gone deaf ‘cause I heard no woman’s song.
    But now I know the truth:
    I had no reason to sing before I met you.

    hi, I'm a musician myself, and I am very comfortable playing the guitar/violin/mandolin. I have been trying to learn to sing while playing an instrument (just trying to learn covers) but I can't seem to get it in sync. Any tips?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I actually remember the exact moment I first got the two to sync. I’d been awkwardly trying to sing over power chords (White Stripes covers) for months, and one day I was sitting in my front yard with my guitar, and I just forced myself to get through a whole song. I overcame errors with volume and a will to surge forward. It probably sounded awful, but that first time opened the floodgates. That will to surge forward is at the heart of every creative process for me. Way more people are trying to create than creating. Just do it. Sometimes I give myself 15 minutes to write a song just because it will ensure that a song is written; it usually doesn’t sound amazing (though sometimes pressure creates diamonds), but if I didn’t give myself a deadline, nothing would happen. So next time you try to get them in sync, I recommend you don’t take no for an answer. Force your hands and your throat to get through the whole song and refuse to be shy or embarrassed about it.

    On a more constructive note, I’ve learned over time that you often have to sacrifice the instrumentation for your vocals. That is, you can’t be doing something complicated with both simultaneously. Think of yourself as trading solos back and forth between your voice and your instrument. The problem with covers is we often cover bands. There’s no way you can sound like a four-piece band alone, so stop trying. Simplify the instrument’s part when it is time to sing, so you can focus on that. Put a song through your personal filter: alter the rhythm so it feels more natural to you, change the key, whatever it takes. I’d also recommend writing your own songs because you can build them up one piece at a time. And no one can tell you you are playing an original the “wrong way.” It’s very liberating.

    Some nights, I sing about love
    until I lose my voice.
    Some nights, I write about love
    until my fingers bleed.
    This may not bring you to my door,
    but that’s not my choice.
    All I can do is sing and write
    and hope you listen and read.

    I sang a cappella with Delaney Gunn for this piece. Enjoy, friends. KC

         Let Me Love You By The Ocean

    Let me love you by the ocean,
    let me love you by the sea,
    let the love letters I put in bottles
    wash up at your feet.

    Let me love you on the coast,
    let me love you on the shore,
    sun, sand, seashells, and the salty breeze
    whisper I am yours.

    Keep up the great song requests, everybody!

    Do you like to sing? I need the recordings of many voices to make a group chorus in a song I just wrote called “A Beer With A Friend”. Don’t be shy. It’s a jaunty, pub song, so beautiful singing voices are not required (or even encouraged). For more information on how to help, click here. I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time. I’ll be sure to credit all contributors when I post the finished product. Thank you, lovelies! — KC

    Singing is the voice’s gentle way of making love;
    it reaches out with trembling notes until it finds someone to touch.

    I think I’m going to build a song around this small sample of my voice…

    The blogger over at madameofthecats told me she’s spent her life asking why?, but lately she’s been wondering why not? and living more carefree. I think this attitude will help her fall in love. Why? Well, why not? As soon as I can afford a MIDI, I’m going to add piano solos between verses, then I’ll put it up for free download. Much love. — Kavalier

         Why Not?

    I’ve lived a curious life.
    Always asking the question why.
    But lately, my favorite inquiry
    is why not?
    Why not you? Why not me?
    Why, oh why, can’t this be?
    I know we ain’t a perfect match,
    but who is?
    Let’s shrug off our doubt,
    and jump right in!

    Don’t say it will not work.
    I’ve read your list of concerns.
    And there ain’t one that’ll keep me from
    why not?

    Life is too short
    to always need a reason for,
    and our hearts’ whims want to win,
    so why not?

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