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Hi. I'm Kavalier Calm. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you. Really.
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  • Followers, have you ever been in a love like this? Have you ever been trapped in the #friendzone, but it was your own, stupid fault? — KC

         Feelings Like This

    He’s the boy of every girl’s dreams:
    you can take him home to mom; you can take him in your sheets.
    She’s beautiful in a small and shy way:
    she’s realer than the rest, not another bitch, Barbie.

    They’ve been friends for far too long.
    Love’s come upon them like sleep: slow, then all at once.
    They believe they control their feelings;
    but feelings like this, they control you.

    They try and play dumb, but they can feel the change.
    They deny it to their friends, say things are still the same.
    But how about that first kiss? And the second one, too?
    Is that something “just friends” do?

    His mind flip flops like a fish on land,
    and she’s too scared to put the truth in his hands.
    They go back and forth between a laugh and a fight;
    they won’t admit that this happiness is right.

    Free downloads here (just enter $0 as the price).

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

         What Love Is Not

    Well, it might be more correct for me to say
    that I was happy alone until love got in the way.
    Ignorance is bliss, at least that’s what I thought,
    until you showed me I only know what I’ve been taught.
    And I’ve been taught what love is not.

    Princesses learn it’s a part of the dream;
    but happily ever after wasn’t for me.
    I liked my life just the way it was,
    until you showed me I didn’t have enough.
    And I’ve been taught what love is not.

    And what it’s not is something I need.
    But you showed me it may just be
    something I want.

    Watch me perform on YouTube here. Download for free here (just enter $0 as the price). — Kavalier Calm

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

    Come on, lovelies. I still have some free downloads of my For Ellise EP. Download it for free HERE (just enter $0 as the price). It’s my Christmas present to all of you. Be gracious recipients. And then tell your friends about it, and it can be your present to them. *Smooch — KC

    Friends, I’m happy to announce that I’ve completed a new digital album, an EP called “For Ellise”. This is the Ellise it’s for. This beautiful muse has spent many evenings talking with me about life and love, and each of the dreamy tracks on this EP were written with her in mind. This is the first of hopefully many albums I’ll complete in my new home, and I’d be honored if you all would listen. It’s available for streaming and free download on my Bandcamp page here (just enter $0 as the price). Think of it as an early Christmas present! If you enjoy it, all I ask in return is that you tell others about my work. Much, much love. — Kavalier Calm

    Tonight’s muse is Laynie at pouted. I was staring at her cute pics, and this little blues tune popped out of my head. If I decide to put this on an album, I’ll add electric guitar solos and layer more vocals. But for now, this sleepy songwriter needs to go to bed. Thanks for inspiring me, Laynie. Enjoy the tune, friends. — Kavalier Calm

        Pouting Blues

    Lady, don’t pout, don’t sing the blues.
    I’ve got the cure, let me give it to you.

    Other men may turn your smile upside down,
    but I’ll show your lips I’m the best man around.
    Give me a kiss right here on this cheek,
    and I’ll promise you all my minutes, days, and weeks.

    Well, I’ve been around the block, and I’ve seen a thing or two.
    Baby, I can be the doctor who cures your blues.
    When you sigh, it hits me like a hurricane.
    Let me be the one who takes away your pain.

    I just recorded a disgustingly emotional song, and in the background of my recording, I can hear my new neighbor screaming out of his window at his girl, “Chauntel! Chauntel! Don’tchu walk away!” Yes, Chauntel. Don’t walk away. Run. Run.

    Tonight’s song—the first I’ve written in the new Crowdsource Inspiration studio (bedroom)!—is for the lovely Irene at safeguards. She told me she likes to encourage people to let loose, to forget their stress, even if that means telling them to procrastinate. Ironically, Irene was just the new friend I needed. Moving has been stressing me out, and it was nice to forget it all for awhile and let loose—by writing this song for all of you. Make sure you check out Irene’s sweet blog, and I hope you enjoy the upbeat tune, friends. Much love. — KC

         Let Loose

    Well, I’m a master of procrastinating.
    Don’t put your stress on me;
    this ain’t up for debating.
    Soon enough you’ll see:

    You’ve gotta let loose.

    When you wake up, and it’s cold or wet,
    calling in sick is your safest bet.
    The work will wait, and remember, when you’re dead,
    the good times aren’t the ones you’ll regret.

    You’ve gotta let loose.

    You’re one tied up knot of tension.
    Why don’t you just cut the cord?
    Darling, forget your apprehension;
    leave all your cares at my door.

    You’ve gotta let loose.

    So, I usually ask you guys to submit song or poetry requests for yourself, but tonight I was wondering if you’d point me to other blogs—to other bloggers who you think would like something from me. It will be fun because we can keep it a surprise until I post something for them, and I’ll let them know it came from you. Message me, friends. — KC

    For anonymous. Much love. — Kavalier

         Cry, Baby, Cry

    I won’t pretend to know how it feels.
    But, darlin’, I swear I’ve been hurt, too.
    If life’s got you down,
    then there’s only one thing left to do.

    Cry, baby, cry, baby, cry.
    Let it all out and let me in.
    And I will soak up your tears.

    Bottle it up if you wish,
    but don’t act surprised when you explode.
    You think it’s a sign of weakness,
    but only the brave lighten their load.

    Just let them fall, let your tears fall.

    Free downloads (just enter $0 as the price)

    Lovelies, will you help me finish a song? I wrote this tune about the joys of drinking with a friend after seeing this wonderful gif on jellyyyace. What I need you all for is a group singing of the chorus. At about 3:43, after I holler “All together now!”, I need you to record yourself singing the chorus along with me. If you listen a few times, I know you’ll pick it up. I don’t care how you record yourself (your laptop’s internal mic with the free recording software Audacity, your iPhone’s video or voice memo feature, etc.); just do it some way, then email the audio file/video to crowdsourceinspiration@gmail.com. Wear headphones as you listen to sing along, so I only hear you. When you listen to the this draft, you’ll hear a bunch of guitar-only spots. Once I compile all your contributions, I’m going to splice them in and add guitar solos throughout. I really appreciate your help. Once I post the track, I’m going to give a shout out to everyone who contributed. Here are the lyrics of the chorus. Much love. — KC

    A beer with a friend is like learning to swim:
    wet your whistle together, and you won’t forget.
    And I thank God every day for the social lubricant.
    Yes, we find each other when drowning in sin.

    For the lovely Ellise at p-imp. Much love. — Kavalier Calm

         Lonely Ideas

    Well, you’re l-o-n-e-l-y,
    and it’s funny ‘cause so am I.
    And I have this i-d-e-a
    that you and I can start a flame.

    But you don’t mind the wait.

    So I try to spell it out for you:
    lonely ideas will see us through.
    Time is short, time is brief,
    won’t y-o-u be with m-e?

    Well, you’re l-o-n-e-l-y,
    even though I’m right by your side.
    And I have this i-d-e-a
    that you might feel the same.

    Free downloads of this song are here (just enter $0 as the price).

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

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