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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Which superhero should I write a song about and why?

    Parameter: Sorry, hipsters, but for the purposes of this exercise, it should be a mainstream superhero; one that I will know about instantly. Unless, of course, in your answer you provide a brief bio of the superhero (self-written or Wikipedia only, please).

    Expected response time: I will respond to the best (totally subjective) valid answer I see after work tomorrow.

    Can you describe your first kiss in a single sentence?

    Parameters: One sentence max, though you may semicolon your heart out. And be honest with the details; I can’t be the only person who had a clumsy/awkward first kiss.

    Expected response time: By Monday morning.

    How would you describe a cruel lover?

    The other night I was tapping my finger and started singing:

    Well, I could never love a woman as cruel as you. ( X 2 )
    You’re mean to my mother, and you’re worse with my friends.
    I could never love a woman as cruel as you.

    Well, you say such awful things to wilt my pride.
    You say such awful things to make me feel dead inside.
    I could never love a woman as cruel as you. ( X 2 )

    Parameters: How would you describe a cruel lover? Give me a line or two. The lyric can be simple—in fact, should be. This recording will be very bluesy/jazzy. I may not even have my guitar.

    Expected response time: Sunday night.

    If you had to choose between deafness or blindness, which would you choose and why?

    If you had to choose deafness or blindness, which would you choose and why? Your responses will help me shape my lyrics.

    Expected response time: End of the weekend.

    Tonight’s love song is for a girl named Autumn, a girl I’d like to put under my spell. In one form or another it incorporates all the suggestions I got for lyrics. Special thanks to these bloggers for contributing to my writing process: pygmyalpaca (whose input made me think of a spellbook), j-dubs101, kelltic92, abreathingworkofart (for the love interest’s name), junkverse, and orchid-in-an-oilcan. I hope you enjoy the chugging rhythm, friends. — K.C.


    Well, her name is Autumn, and she is my spring:
    I flower and blossom when she is near me.
    She has a child’s laugh and lips like a sunset—
    a face, a voice, a smile, I’ll never forget.

    Oh, Autumn, I wish I had a spellbook.

    ‘Cause I could bring you roses or write you a poem,
    but words are cheap, and you’ve heard all of them.
    I want to bend your will with a magic touch—
    put you under my spell, and you’ll never have enough…

    When she ain’t around, I wish I was asleep
    ‘cause I am sure she’ll be in my dreams.
    Take me from this land of light.
    A little black magic will make this right.