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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Two hours ago, I asked if any artists wanted to collaborate, and J at phartography answered:

    This sounds like fun, you should go to my soundcloud and just pick something. http://soundcloud.com/ihasded

    I dug his work, and got excited about the challenge of playing with dubstep/electronic/beats because I’m all about two-track, acoustic minimalism. We chatted, and he directed me to his song Junkpilot, in which he imagined someone traveling to space in a jerry-rigged ship that regularly malfunctions. After listening a few times, I knew I couldn’t sing with it, but I felt I could give it some poetry. Something about the adventure in J’s sound reminded me of my grandfather, and I hit record and just started talking. Somehow these words flowed out of me, improv, in one take. And it felt so right, like magic. Not only did the words come easy, but the timing was spot on (the lyrical topics fit the instrumental moment). Enjoy this, friends. And, please, check out J’s amazing work and blog. Support him like you support me. And J, thanks for letting me play with your sound. — K.C.


    Day 7.
    Outer space.
    Alone. And it’s wonderful.
    I remembered my grandfather today.
    He was a cowboy.
    And when I was a boy, I wanted to be just like him.
    I suppose being an astronaut is the next best thing.

    When I built this in the junk yard,
    I should have guessed that some things would break.
    I should have guessed that I would break.
    But there’s nothing a good kick can’t fix.
    Just like when grandfather used to hit the top of the T.V.
    to make the fuzz go away.
    Cowboy tricks work in space, too.

    Day 3156.
    I’m alone, and it’s wonderful.
    My ship, my vessel, my horse
    carries onward.
    No man has ever had a pony like this before.
    The universe is my oyster,
    and I’m greedy for its pearls.
    Grandfather would be proud
    that someone else lived the cowboy dream
    in an age when cowboys aren’t needed.