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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • The poet-blogger Ana at dreamwriteinspire put in a request last night that we write a song about getting through tough times in life. She said:

    The battle I can’t win easily is against myself.

    I know what this means all too well. I just came through a rough patch in my life, full of self-doubt, so I thought about this all day. I wrote these lyrics during work, sent them to Eli, and he came up with this in about 30 minutes. Sometimes we just have to tell that negative voice in our head to shut up. Life’s always hard, but we have to keep positive—have a glass half-full view, unlike our inner devils. Thanks for the request, Ana. Enjoy everyone! — K.C.

         Devil On Our Shoulder

    Some days I wake up smiling, and a voice in my head laughs.
    He clears his throat and recites the laundry list of problems I have.
    Other days I wake up sad, but that voice don’t take a rest.
    He stokes the fire with his big breaths of sorry, ‘til I wish I was dead.

    We all got a devil on our shoulder with a glass half-empty view.
    When you’re down, he wants to take you deeper. You know it’s true:
    Your worst enemy is you.

    If I like what I see in the mirror, he points out all of my flaws.
    And every time the sun is shining, he swears the rain’s about to fall.
    And every time someone does me a good deed, he wonders what’s in it for them.
    Every time I pat myself on the back, he reminds me of all my sin.

    I’ll tell you what to do:
    Grab that devil and scream in his ear,
    "Devil, I’m sick of you living on my lapel. Shut your mouth and go to hell.
    Life is good and so am I, and I plan to have a damn good time.”