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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • I finished my song for shibes and Josh Wise. Never done anything like this before. Loads of fun. — Kavalier

    Just speed-wrote this little upbeat diddy on request. Hope you guys like it. — Kavalier

         Start Over

    I’d like to start over this life of mine.
    I’m going to hit rewind—then press play.

    I’m going to see all 50 states,
    then get married to my soulmate.
    We’ll have two kids or maybe eleven.
    I’ll be living in Seventh Heaven.

    I’m going to produce a show that changes lives.
    I believe in telling the news right:
    you’ll only get the full truth from me,
    and the truth is we should be happy.

    Maybe I should post more often? Like about the process? I’m currently writing song for the /r/Dogecoin community on reddit, to celebrate Josh Wise’s upcoming race. Any shibes out there?

    I made a video for a love song I just wrote called “Never Leave The Room During A Fight”. I think it’s a good message for those in relationships. Honesty—immediate honesty—is the key to success in my case. But maybe I’m crazy? Come comment on the video about the fights you’ve been in with your significant others. Did the fighting help or hurt? — Kavalier

    The Krew

    If you are interested in joining my crew—Kavalier’s Crew (Krew?…yeah, Krew)—then email me at kavaliercalm@gmail.com. I promise that as a part of my personal posse you will 1) have fun, 2) receive my internal gratitude, and 3) enjoy unlimited donuts. Okay, there are no donuts. But 1) and 2) are a sure thing. I need people with energy and enthusiasm to bounce my ideas off of and to vouch for my project, for my idea of writing for others. I think we will grow together, musically and emotionally, and become great friends. So why not? Don’t be shy. If you’re interested even one ounce, reach out. You can bail whenever it gets boring for you. Looking forward to you joining The Krew, lovelies. — Kavalier Calm

    Don’t think I was kidding. If you believe in my music—in writing for other people—then contact me. I need a team to help grow the business. I don’t have much to offer now, but I promise I repay my debts.

    Drake’s always rapping ‘bout his crew. I need a fucking crew. Who’s in???

         Pillow Talk

    How am I to know right from wrong when it comes to love?
    I’ve been tricked before into thinking I’d found the one.
    Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s all simpler than it seems.
    Maybe a girl who does the little things is the one of my dreams.
    Walks in the park and pillow talk.
    Laughter and smiles that never halt.
    Kisses goodbye, kisses hello, kisses just because.
    Waking up happy buzzed on her drug.

    I just learned that “That man would get up on a cracked plate!” means ”That person would fuck anything!” My grandma use to say this when I was a boy, but I didn’t get it. Anyway, learning this made me write a song. Much love. — Kavalier

    I Would Get Up On A Cracked Plate

    I’m easy.

    It don’t take much to please me.

    I can scratch my itch with any old stick.

    Point to a tree, and I’ll rub against it.

    My thirst is easy to sate:

    yes, I would get up on a cracked plate.

    I’m weak.

    Every girl makes me soft in the knees.

    Well, I crumble at their touch,

    but I want to crumble so much.


    I was inspired to write this song by a redditor’s story about a friend who died and only left behind music to remember them by. No crying, friends. No cr…*sobs*. — Kavalier

         Your Music

    Well, now you’re gone, and all I have left
    is music that couldn’t follow you into death.
    Each note reminds me of you: stopping too soon.
    Why did your crescendo have to be through?

    Well, now you’re gone, and all I hear are instruments.
    They reach out for your side of the pearly fence.

    'Cause I loved your song. I had it on repeat.
    I didn’t know it would be taken from me.
    If I had another chance, I’d listen carefully
    to the music of your heart beat.

    Well, now you’re gone, and all I see are tears.
    We’ll miss you and your music in our ears.

         Without Borders

    The soul don’t care for the fences in our mind.
    There’s no barrier that it won’t climb.
    A happy heart has no concept of “No.”
    It sees what it wants and thinks “Go.”

    Baby, we’ve been bodies without borders,
    and I think it’s time to let out what’s inside.
    And you may not be ready,
    but I can’t contain this soul of mine.

    Well, mind’s over matter, but what’s over mind?
    That’s what you’re helping me to find.
    This thump in my chest, controlling blood flow—
    I’m starting to see it runs the whole show.

         Waiting For You

    I don’t know when it happened,
    and I don’t know how,
    but every thought in my head
    is for you now.
    I can’t tell you
    'cause I can't explain how I feel.
    I’m waiting for you
    to tell me this is real.
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