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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Silly/sexy blues song I wrote in response to this post on reddit. Enjoy, friends. — Kavalier

    One of my songs was used in a cat video on YouTube. I’ve finally made it. I’m winning the internet. — Kavalier Calm

    If you want to write songs, you have to learn to see the music in things. Anyone can learn the math behind making music, but very few can identify stories or images or moments that are worthy of being retold through song, that have enough feeling to be the foundation for a song. Doing this requires emotional awareness but also humility. Because you may wish to focus on your instrument and telling stories of your choosing, but you must also recognize that you are the world’s instrument, and it wants to use you to tell stories.

    i guess my screen did a thing about your cat song…it’s a sign.

    I saw the sign. And I believe.

    I’m writing a song for a guy who is a closet cat lover. What am I doing with my life?

    I spend so much time trying to come up with sexy lyrics that my brain has become a softcore porno script.

    Damn. Gonna post THE song for all my Tumblr ladies in a minute. It’s super sad but like it’s-good-to-cry-sometimes-sad.

    Daaaaamn my new mic just came in the mail and it’s defective. Gotta wait for a new one to ship. #life #firstworldproblems

    I’m not offended by the sexual nature of Minaj’s new video; it’s just not a very good song. Her first two verses are good but it kind of just falls apart when she starts laughing hysterically about “skinny bitches.” I will say I love seeing Drake be taunted, though.


    Damn. If this song I’m writing right now doesn’t get me laid, nothing will. Gonna post in a bit.

    Was I right? Anyone moved to love me? I’m a pretty good kisser, but I’m sure you could make me better.

    Posting for anon, whose love may venture off to war soon. Free downloads of this song are here (just enter $0 as the price). Enjoy, friends. Much love. — Kavalier Calm

         I’m Never Letting Go

    On the day you left, you swore to come back.
    You said the thought of my face would see you through.
    Since you’ve been gone, I’ve cried one million tears,
    one for each of my fears.

    I know you had to leave
    for love of country,
    but when I get you back in my arms,
    I’m never letting go.

    I write to you each night to feel like you’re near;
    phone calls and your voice are too rare.
    Since you’ve been gone, I’ve sighed one million sighs,
    one for each time I wondered why.

    I know the time apart is hard on our hearts,
    but it will make us stronger in the end.
    Is it the end?

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