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Hi. I'm Kavalier Calm. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you. Really.
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  • Three years into writing hundreds of poems and songs for other people, and asking for nothing in return, I’ve decided to ask for something back. I’m at a financial crossroads in my personal life. If I’m going to keep making music, it has to start bringing in income. I hate this, but it’s just true. I’m not going to ask anyone to buy any of my music; but if you would stream my songs on Spotify (even if you just have them playing on repeat when you aren’t in the room), I’ll earn some money. Enough to help my next big musical project and keep my dream alive—my dream of writing for other people. People like all of you. I promise to be eternally grateful, but I also promise this: If you send me a message and tell me you’ve been streaming my songs—and you tell me who you’ve shared them with and how (reblog, Facebook, etc.)—I promise to write something for you. Tell me a story from your life, tell me about yourself, and I will burn a small sliver of my heart as fuel to create for you. I promise. I’m asking you fans out there to be my musical champions, but I don’t expect you to do it for nothing. Thanks for considering. I look forward to your messages coming in. Much, much love. — Kavalier Calm, The People’s Bard

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    You: But will you love me forever?
    Me: I will.
    You: How do you know?
    Me: Because forever doesn't seem like long enough to have with you.

    Her lips

    Your pulse quickens.
    You’re free.
    Like a bird leaving a branch,
    still wings beat a new rhythm.
    And you soar.
    Higher and higher you fly
    until you reach heights
    you believed were out of reach.
    And all this from a kiss.
    A simple touch of the lips,
    and your caged heart woke to its prison
    and demanded an escape.
    Again and again you kissed,
    beating against the iron of your cage.
    You doubted you would ever succeed,
    but still you tried.
    Because her lips reminded you
    of the open sky.
    And this reminder
    made you stronger
    than iron.

    (click here to listen to me read the poem)

    First kisses are magical because of everything that led up to them; the stars had to align to make this happen—destiny controlled our ever meeting. Second kisses and every kiss after are amazing because of everything we don’t let stop them; the stars be damned—I will control my destiny and make sure I touch those lips again.

    i got sunburn and my skin’s peeling, exposing new skin. your leaving burnt my heart, and the layers are peeling back, exposing new love. who wants it?


    Our heartbeat churns every day without a break,
    and we never wonder what it takes
    to keep this magic moving on into the next dawn,
    but if you take the time you’ll see:
    your heart it beats, it beats for love—
    the one it has or the one it wants—
    and it won’t give up unless you do.
    Respect its wish with your mind—
    it gave you the gift of life—
    and it deserves your best try.
    So fight for love for your heart
    because love’s the reason the rhythm starts
    and without it, the rhythm will end.
    Don’t let the rhythm end.

    Listen/download for free: Heartbeat by Kavalier Calm


    Tonight’s song is for my friend Christy at dontwannasaygoodbye. She laments a lost love, and she knows she should accept he isn’t coming back, but she can’t seem to let go. I know these feelings well, so writing this song hurt. Hurt. I hope you enjoy it, friends. Free downloads of this song are here (just enter $0 as the price). Much love. — Kavalier Calm

         Every Little Piece

    The flowers you gave me were supposed to last forever
    just like our love,
    but both dried up,
    crumbled to dust,
    and, love, it fills my lungs.

    I need you, every little piece.
    Without you, the puzzle won’t be complete.
    And I know I should just give up,
    but I want to see the picture we would make.

    All the promises you made are a part of me
    just like my flesh and blood.
    When you left,
    the promises broke,
    and so did my bones and soul.

    Me: Remember when I said I don't like candy?
    You: Yes. You don't have a sweet tooth.
    Me: Right...but I realized I do like one type of candy.
    You: Oh, yeah? What?
    Me: Eye-candy. Eye-candy like you.

    I live for the moments

    You look up from the pages of your book,
    and your brown hair falls in front of your eyes.
    You tuck it behind your ear
    as you describe how the characters
    try and fail to find love.
    I nod and say interesting,
    but I barely hear one word you speak.
    Something is happening to me.
    It starts as a warm glow in my toes
    and travels through my body
    until my mind is overheated and shuts down.
    Suddenly, I am just a pair of eyes seeing,
    seeing something beautiful,
    the only thing that is beautiful.
    For a moment, you are all that is.
    For a moment, you are all that has ever been.

    Your eyes return to the book, and I remember:
    from the perspective of the universe,
    we are smaller than ants.
    When we try to define our importance,
    we realize we can’t.
    But the moment we just shared…
    as it took place, I forgot the universe.
    We were the universe.
    And from the perspective of two,
    we were giants.
    We were the reason for all things.
    No one could ever convince me that that moment,
    no matter how brief,
    was insignificant.

    I’ve had a handful of such moments with you.
    Together they add up to less than one minute—
    nothing compared to the hours, days, and years
    spent knowing that I am less than an ant.
    But they are enough.
    I live for the moments when I can forget I’m living.
    I live for the moments with you.

    (listen to me read the poem here)

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