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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • This tune is for the lovely Erin Catherine Dorothy. She said, “I’m looking to find freedom from the tiny confined town I live in.” I understand that feeling, Erin, and when you leave, I want to go with you. I’m not at home, so I could only record this with my laptop’s junky internal microphone…and a child-sized guitar I found with only three strings. Perfect. Enjoy, friends. — Kavalier Calm

         You Want To Live

    Well, you want out of this small town.
    You want to show everyone the world is round.
    Even if the edge is a cliff,
    you want to live.

    And I want to live with you.

    You think you were born at the wrong time.
    You dream of better decades as you sigh.
    Even if this age would be missed,
    you want to live.

    And I want to live with you.

    I’m reblogging a song Elijah Cash wrote about records (and a woman, of course). I first bought a record player a few years ago when I realized that my university’s library had a massive vinyl collection. Records perfectly play to our minimalist heartstrings at CI. Something about seeing the vibrations taking place and the raw graininess is so beautiful. This song is devoted to these inspiring blogs with vinyl content: f***yeahvinylrecords, theplanetofsound, noahsvinylblog, vinylespassion, girlsandrecords, recordporn and thevinylcornerblog. Free downloads of this track are here. Enjoy, everyone! — K.C.

         Broken Record Blues

    Keep falling in love with the same girl,
    over and over again.
    Soon as I think I’ve quit her,
    she’s back at my door with a grin.

    Yeah, she loves my diamond—
    Yeah, she love my stylus—
    the style of us is dangerous.

    She always comes beggin’ for money,
    and I can’t say no to her vinyl skin.
    It’s scratched and warped,
    but, damn, it makes music beneath me.

    Well, I’ve been steady with a few girls before,
    nice girls with no flaws.
    But every time she comes around,
    I answer her call.

    Well, she’s unpolished.
    Well, she’s incomplete.
    But she feels so real;
    oh, she can’t be beat.

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration)

    We all know what sells, right? This song is about who sells it. Eli dedicates this post to these cool blogs we found searching #sells: riverofawesome, beyond-sapphire-eyes, noregretsdude, no-other-way-but-up, iamthemarmaladewalrus, and bertiechattell. We hope you like distortion, friends. — K.C.

         What Sells

    Darlin, your goods live up to their name.
    You wear that dress like a candle wears a flame,
    and I want to be the hot wax pooling at your feet—
    dripping and drowning in your heat.
    I want to buy what sells.

    You don’t got a man; you got a dozen.
    And they all lining up to eat from your hands.
    All that power must come at a cost, honey.
    But the market will bear a price that’s fair.
    And I’m willing to pay for what sells.

    Darlin, I got coin just like them,
    and I don’t want to spend it on any other whim.
    For you, I’ll count out all my shells;
    baby, I want to buy what sells.

    Other boys might be scared—come to you shaking like a leaf.
    But I’ll walk right up to you, sure-footed as a thief.
    Preacher man says I’ll go straight to hell;,
    but I’m deaf to them church bells, sugar, when you’re near
    'cause I want to buy what sells.