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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  •      Little fox

    Oh, I bet you think you are pretty
    sly, my little fox.
    Slinking out the den at night
    silent as a knife.

    Oh, where do you go my little fox?
    I’ll find that den and smoke you out.
    That other man is gonna pay with fire
    for breaking up my house.

    What am I supposed to think
    when the bed sheets are cold?
    Ever morning I wake up
    with no one to hold.

    Oh, where do you go my little fox?
    I’ll find that den and smoke you out.
    That other man is gonna pay with fire
    for breaking up my house.

    Oh, little fox,
    I was good to you.
    Oh, little fox,
    you cheat.
    You ain’t welcome back no more—
    see how sly you are without me!

    Today’s song is in response to Maddie’s question over at loveiknow:

    does anyone else constantly have music in their dreams?

    It freaks me out when I have music in my dreams, but it happens so often.

    It’s a beautiful coincidence that Maddie asked this question because I finished recording this last night. The lyrics in the chorus reveal that the speakers in this song understand Maddie’s dilemma well. This song is very unlike anything else I’ve put on this blog. My friend challenged me to write a “Xx-ish” song that we could both sing; something dreamy, dark, etc. I love The Xx, but I had never tried to write a song like that before—which made the challenge all the more exciting. I said I’d do it if she wrote the lyrics. She did, sent them to me, I wrote the song, recorded everything but her vocal sections, and sent it to her. She recorded a vocal track, sent it back to me, and I mixed it all together. It’s imperfect—mastering 6 tracks was a real challenge, so the audio balance is off at times—but it’s not bad for 5-6 hours of work and considering my friend lives 1000 miles away. Enjoy! And thanks, Maddie, for the great question!


    See you everyday, it’s not real,
    but it’s the only way you can know me.
    If I could speak, then we’d have something,
    but for now we need dream haze to be.

    Your eyes close before I wave hello.
    I want to touch them, touch you.
    Swim down beneath the shadows,
    and I’ll be waiting, give it time, soon.

    Half-awake is where we dance,
    it’s where we hear our songs
    and move slow
    because time forgot itself.

    Sometimes waking up to life, love,
    is hard on you and me.
    You’re washing out, out on the sea:
    so pale and cold when you leave.
    Please, just turn around this one time.
    If you take another step, we’ll lose
    Let’s meet in daylight, act like we’re brave;
    I’ll learn your heart, its every bruise.

    Half-awake is where we dance,
    it’s where we hear our songs x3
    and move slow
    because time forgot itself.

    Tonight’s post is for the charming dead slug Selina and her blog: f-i-r-e-b-o-l-t. A couple of new artists recently came to me with some song ideas. Good ideas. Big ideas. They aren’t ready to fully reveal themselves, but they agreed to let me post a demo we recorded the last time they were in the CI studio. That day, we stumbled onto Selina’s blog together; I enjoyed her hip-as-hell images, but they were excited Selina is a fan of the band Foals. They giddily told me about the dreamy, enveloping, soundscapes that are Foals songs—a style they aspire to. I’m becoming a fan quickly. Selina, this songs is posted for you and other Foals fans. Enjoy! — K.C.


    This is it, I can tell.
    Arms ready to brace.
    And losing something so big
    leaves too much space.

    Can’t tell you what “it” is
    or how it should feel.
    And if we knew the rules,
    there’d be nothing to steal.

    Thought I knew how it worked,
    but you broke it apart.
    Let’s live in this mess,
    there’s nothing to fix.
    just start.

    I’m nothing much to see.
    Have dollars stashed,
    but when I watch you move,
    I wanna burn them to ash.

    Used to look straight ahead,
    one thing at a time.
    You’re everything at once,
    can’t see the old lines.


    Tonight’s post is about a not-so-nice hipster girl. This is not about all hipsters; in general, I find hipsters to be kind. Plus, they have good taste in music, which is about all it takes to befriend the folks working at CI. But in every hipster crowd there is a character or three like the one in this song. If it all seems too mean—well, it’s self-defacing, too, trust me. This song is devoted to these blogs (and I have a sense that their bloggers are the good kind of hipster): death2hipsters, hipsterssssss, indie-indeed, indiebreakfast, and urbanindiebrownchick. Regular listeners of the CI project will note that this song is more coarse than usual; I am truly sorry if it offends anyone, but the music has a will of its own, and it will not be denied. I will probably re-record this soon with  distortion and a more punk-like driving rhythm. Enjoy! — K.C.

         Hipster Girl

    Who wears scarves in the summer and glasses without lenses?
    Only you and your friends who are too cool to know they ain’t cool,
    with their blogs, rescue cats, unwashed hair, and vegan food.
    You wield the word “obscure” like it’s a fucking trophy.
    And you like to say “you’ve probably never heard of it.”

    Well, I know two things you’ve never heard of;
    they’re called kindness and love.
    And hipster girl, of mine you are getting none.

    You have a state funded college education
    and a credit card or two paid off by mom and daddy.
    So tell me something, darling: how is that indie?


    It’s no coincidence hipster and hypocrite
    have the same beginning.
    And did you know they have the same ending?
    An end of loneliness.


    You know the best thing about this song, girl?
    Everyone who hears it is going to love it,
    and then it’s going to be mainstream to fucking hate you.

    This rock and roll song is about cats. Damn right. Cats. It all started when I mentally twisted the phrase curiosity killed the cat into contentment killed the cat. How can you be content? Don’t you want more, girl? Okay, so this song is really a metaphor about a woman. (No, not Cat Woman, though that’d be cool.) I can’t very well devote this to her, but I can devote it to cats. These are the best cat content blogs I’ve found: fuckyeahcats, postitkitties, meowwwzzzaaa, welovefatcats, cats-ondev, catswearingleashes,  I hope you all enjoy the song. And I hope your cats enjoy it, too! — K.C.  

         Content Kitty

    Contentment killed the cat;
    it wasn’t curiosity.
    And your happiness
    is killing me.

    Come here, kitty, kitty.

    Wipe that smile off your face;
    you don’t have everything you need
    if you don’t have me.

    Tonight’s song is about Sleeping Beauty, sang from the perspective of the Prince. I twisted the circumstances of the classic story to make it a bit more…adult; this certainly isn’t the Disney version. Really, when you think about it, the Prince is in a position to make demands like these. This song is devoted to these blogs with quality Sleeping Beauty/Disney content: fairytalemood, thecouplesofdisney, disneyxovers, dandydisney, disneyprincessfanart, butpeterhowdowegettoneverland, and disneyisawesome. Thanks for the inspiration, bloggers.

         Sleeping Beauty

    I have a white horse,
    and I have a chiseled chin.
    I fought a dragon to climb this tower,
    and I beat the old witch.

    But before I wake you from your slumber,
    I want a guarantee
    that when you wake, you’ll climb right back
    into that bed with me.

    A handsome prince like me
    has so many needs.
    Oh, Beauty, I don’t want to sleep;
    I want to lay you down and dream an active dream.

    I’ll bring flowers to all your godmothers,
    and I’ll never ask you to sew.
    And I am in no rush to get married
    or have an heir to the throne.


    This is my third song about a Disney Princess; if you’d like to hear the others, find them via Popular Songs. Would love to get some requests for other, similar songs. Enjoy everyone! — K.C.

    Today’s song is for the beauty Eliza from Manchester over at radikool. An image of her lips was trending this morning. Eli and I noticed because they are quite nice lips. And then we checked out her blog and appreciated her taste in music. Eli knew it was time for a song. We wrote and recorded this in all of an hour. Hope you enjoy, Eliza, and anyone else listening! — K.C.

         Lips Like Yours

    I’ve been with more women
    than I care to admit.
    Good women, bad women,
    and some I forget.
    But I’d settle down,
    and I’d clean up my act

    if I could just get a taste
    of lips like yours.

    Yeah, I’m a drifting man,
    I move round and round.
    But I’d stay right here
    to fix that frown.
    I’d hold a steady job
    just to hold you

    and get a taste
    of lips like yours.

    Lips like yours
    are hard to find.
    Lips like yours
    will keep me satisfied.

    Now, I know what you’ve heard, darlin’,
    and it’s all true.
    But I promise
    I won’t leave you blue.
    Something in a man
    changes and breaks

    when he wants a taste
    of lips like yours.
    And I want a taste
    of lips like yours.

    Clementine recorded this cover of Kate Nash’s “Nicest Thing” in just one take. I’ve been listening on repeat since she sent it to me; her voice beautifully expresses the emotional consciousness necessary for this song. We will only rarely post covers—as we favor posting original content—but this was too good not to share. This post is devoted to two great blogs for Kate Nash fans: katenashobviously and wejustlovekatenash. Enjoy everyone.

    Just finished this recording of a new blues tune Eli wrote. It’s about The Man and sticking it to him. We were going to devote this song to people tagging things like #work sucks. But, wonderfully, we couldn’t find anyone complaining about work. So instead, this song is devoted to these bloggers for their good music content—bodyandmusic, bluesucanuse, and somepeoplehatemusic—and to Emily at emilyfielderndad because she said she needs some inspiration, and we can empathize with that need. If interested, a whole album of Elijah Cash’s blues can be found here. Enjoy everyone!

         Company Time

    Well, I’ve been on company time
    for more years than I can count.
    I sold away my soul.
    I sold away my heart.
    Well, I’ve been stealing dimes the till,
    just taking pieces back to build a life.
    And I wrote the words to this song
    while I was on the clock.

    And Man, if you don’t like it,
    I guess I’ll walk.

    It’s good to have a job
    'cause it's good to feed your mouth.
    But if home is where the heart is,
    then I done sold the Man my house.
    Working here these years,
    has felt no different than when I did time.
    And I’m no thief,
    I’m just stealing back what’s rightfully mine.

    And Man, if you don’t like it,
    I guess I’ll walk.

    I wrote this song after Kate Nash binging; it features very barebones guitar work and heavy lyricism. Because of the title, I devote it to two blogs with great images of bruises: bruisesbruise and sweetly-soft-kisses. Because of the meaning, I devote it to xthefuckingdistance (which captures the message of this song in its URL and its content). Thanks for the inspiration, bloggers. And I hope you enjoy, everyone! — K.C.


    When I say the wrong thing at the wrong time,
    and I hurt you even just a little bit,
    a big part of me wants to die,
    as silly as that sounds.

    And I know it ain’t right for me to care that much;
    it ain’t right for me to care like I do.
    My defenses are down, and I’m bound to get bruised.

    But I’ll take the bruises with a smile
    if I get to keep you here a while.

    You won’t always be here because no one ever is.
    All the magic I say you have can’t escape this.
    But I won’t run away because you’re brave and stay
    even though I may be the one to leave one day.
    A day too soon ‘cause any day would be too soon.


    And I get to keep you here a while.
    Yeah, love, we’re a timebomb, and we just can’t read the clock.
    and I dread the bang, and I dread knowing it could be any day…

    It probably ain’t right…

    I wrote this song years ago, before the CI project began—before I was smart enough to realize I wanted to write songs every day. It was written for an old roommate, George, after the real scene detailed in the intro took place. Because this song is about finding love—filling your life with light—I devote it to these blogs: bby-leen and itswhatourheartsareallmadeof (for good thoughts on love in general), temporarynostalgia (because your blog is beautiful and because I want to tell you that you don’t have to wait to find him), onbeingcheesyandpathetic (because that’s what this song is being, really), and lastly to commutermusic (because of your blog’s originality!).  Enjoy everyone! — K.C.

         Do I Need A Lamp?

    George, you need a light
    but not the bulbed kind.
    Don’t just get a lamp at Wal-mart
    because it’s discount priced.
    You need a lantern lady
    to brighten up your days.

    You’ll see soon enough,
    you’ll see in the dark.
    If you find a girl of
    one million watts.
    You need a lantern lady
    to brighten up your days.

    Don’t hesitate, don’t wait,
    everyone is looking.
    And it won’t be long
    until all the good lights are taken.
    Find a lantern lady
    to brighten up your days.

    Come on everyone,
    let’s shed our light on each other.
    We don’t need lamps
    made in factories in China.

    Come on everyone,
    shed your light.

    Help! I need a song topic. What should I write about?

    Be my inspiration, bloggers. What should I write a song about tonight? I can write about anything. Tell me a story/show me a picture/just give me one word. — K.C.

    This song is for xxour-hopesandexpectations. I asked the Tumblr-verse what I should write about tonight, and she answered:

    The saddest people have the most beautiful smiles; the bittersweet irony of life.

    She in turn seems to have been inspired by this Kid Cudi quote I found on her blog:

    Have you ever noticed that the saddest person always has the most beautiful smile? — Kid Cudi (via inspiredbythisfeeling)

    This response was the spark I needed. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out—especially considering I wrote and recorded it in less than an hour. Thanks are due to the other respondents; I may still work on songs for your answers, too! Enjoy everyone!


    Well, it’s bittersweet irony.
    That you have the most beautiful smile
    I’ve ever seen.
    'Cause you wear
    your sadness like a stain
    on your sleeve
    and it’s spreading from you to me.

    Darlin’, I don’t know how to help you heal;
    I don’t know how to make that smile real.

    Well, it’s bittersweet irony.
    That your laugh is contagious
    and catching.
    'Cause your pain
    is a vacuum
    sucking all the joy
    out of the room.

    Darlin’, I don’t know how to help you heal;
    I don’t how to make that laugh real.

    Well, it’s bittersweet irony
    that you are the one
    I want to be with.
    'Cause your heart
    won’t let me in.
    There’s no room for anything
    besides that pain.

    Darlin, I don’t know how to help you heal;
    I don’t know how to make you feel.

    Today’s song is for Stephanie over at stephanieisadork. She answered my song request post by suggesting that I write a song about:

    How your bed can be so lonely, yet so comforting, at the same time.

    I liked this suggestion, so I checked out her blog, and I found a poem that she wrote. With her permission, I used much of the language from this poem to shape the lyrics for this song. I managed to combine her poem and the heart of her suggestion into a single tune. This was a wonderful exercise for me because I am a poet first; I originally picked up a guitar to give something extra to some of my poems, some poems that were begging to be sung. If any other poets out there would like to collaborate with me to turn their verses into a song, then please contact me. I also devote this song to some other great blogs I found that are about sleep, poetry, music, or all three: hipsterssleeping, loveletmesleep, sleep-and-poetry, and thetidalsleep. Enjoy everyone, and thanks for the inspiration, Stephanie! — K.C.

         Waking Up

    There is a time to witness the morning,
    to hear the sun wake up
    to see the wind erase the night’s mistakes,
    to smell the sky turning into a blue giant.

    There is a time
    to relive the dreams or nightmares
    soon to be locked away in your head
    in a drawer with a lost key.

    And we roll over, burrow down into
    pillows and sheets to hold onto this time.

    There is a time
    before time and space and theories
    catch up to us—
    when anything is possible,
    when we are greater than the sum of our parts.

    There is a time
    when everything is written
    by one hand,
    a sameness uniting
    the flawed and the perfect.


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