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Hi. I'm Kavalier Calm. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you. Really.
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  •      Heartbeat

    Our heartbeat churns every day without a break,
    and we never wonder what it takes
    to keep this magic moving on into the next dawn,
    but if you take the time you’ll see:
    your heart it beats, it beats for love—
    the one it has or the one it wants—
    and it won’t give up unless you do.
    Respect its wish with your mind—
    it gave you the gift of life—
    and it deserves your best try.
    So fight for love for your heart
    because love’s the reason the rhythm starts
    and without it, the rhythm will end.
    Don’t let the rhythm end.

    Listen/download for free: Heartbeat by Kavalier Calm


    Tonight’s song is for my friend Christy at dontwannasaygoodbye. She laments a lost love, and she knows she should accept he isn’t coming back, but she can’t seem to let go. I know these feelings well, so writing this song hurt. Hurt. I hope you enjoy it, friends. Free downloads of this song are here (just enter $0 as the price). Much love. — Kavalier Calm

         Every Little Piece

    The flowers you gave me were supposed to last forever
    just like our love,
    but both dried up,
    crumbled to dust,
    and, love, it fills my lungs.

    I need you, every little piece.
    Without you, the puzzle won’t be complete.
    And I know I should just give up,
    but I want to see the picture we would make.

    All the promises you made are a part of me
    just like my flesh and blood.
    When you left,
    the promises broke,
    and so did my bones and soul.

    I’m posting a new song inspired by this writing prompt on reddit: “Your significant other falls under a curse. Only true loves kiss can break the curse. You kiss your S/O and nothing happens. How do you react?

         To Make You Love

    If you were a princess who was cursed to a sleep
    that would not cease until true love’s kiss.
    I would put my lonely lips on yours
    and if you did not wake, I would find a way
    to make you love me—to make you love.
    Yes, I would sing to you while you dream
    about the love that could be:
    I’ll treat you like a rose and admire your bud,
    but your thorns will be the real part I love.
    Little bird, I will never clip your wings.
    I will live to see you fly and hear you sing.
    Let me give you a curse of my own:
    a passion that will never cease to grow.
    And if you do not wake, I will find a way 
    to make you love me—to make you love.

    Stream/download for free: To Make You Love by Kavalier Calm

    I was told to be brave enough to ask for help from my fans, so here goes: please stream this EP “For Ellise” on Spotify, and please share it with your friends. I earn pennies per stream, and it helps keep my project—of writing for you all—afloat. After you/they listen, message me your/their thoughts, and in return I’ll write something just for you. The feedback will help me write the next one. Fair trade? Thanks, lovelies. I’m eternally grateful for your support. Oh, and you can download this EP for free here.

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

    Kyle asked if I’d write a song for his SO, Kelsey, as a gift for her 21st birthday. He said Kelsey is fascinated by the Once-ler from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, so I imagined she was a part of that world for this tune. Happy Birthday, Kelsey! Download for free here, friends: Kelsey, Queen of Koo by Kavalier Calm. Much love. — Kavalier Calm

    I wrote this song about struggling with an eating disorder—and being strong enough to overcome—for Selena at the awesome blog EDrecoveryprobs. You can read the full story behind the songwriting process and what I’ve learned about how to best support people with EDs here. Stream or download this song for free here: Drill Sergeant by Kavalier Calm. And best of luck to everyone fighting their own inner drill sergeant. Much love. — Kavalier Calm

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