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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Thanks to falling-anthem for a couple key words here: biology and manners.       

         Love you like a man

    I ain’t a boy looking for someone to mother me;
    I can stand on my own.
    Ours will not be a romance of needs;
    Trust me, what I want is all biology.

    Baby, I will love you like a man
    Baby, I will treat you the best I can
    Darlin’, why don’t you give me your hand?
    And I will love you like a man.

    I can be strong; I’ll build us a home,
    And you’ll be my cornerstone.
    When we’re safe and settled,
    I’ll love you like I’ve got nothing to lose (cause I don’t).


    We can write the constitution to our love,
    Set up all the ground rules.
    I’ll give you manners and deep respect;
    Just take away my blues!

    Baby, I know you don’t need me,
    But need, it ain’t what I want.
    Just grow old with me and be my best friend;
    I’ll pave us a road you’re proud to walk on.


    Home. Clementine said she wrote this song because she feels “in between homes—sort of unmoored.” As I detail in her bio, Clem is working for a traveling circus; the desire to settle, to “come home,” is growing in her. This song is generally devoted to anyone who has this feeling. Specifically, it is devoted to these blogs about homesmyidealhome and yourdreamhome—and these blogs with great love content: bringhappinesstome, babyhush, daisydukes-, these-things-i-love. Enjoy everyone! — K.C.


    Someone once said, “Home is where they take you in,”
    and I like the sound of that, I do.
    But I don’t wanna go someplace I’ve already been;
    I want to be home for someone, for you.

    Yeah, I wanna be your coffee in the morning.
    I wanna be your kiss goodnight.
    I wanna be your pajamas, your picture
    on the refrigerator door.
    I want to be what feels right.

    I’ve seen it written: “Home is where the heart is.”
    A little sweet for me, but sounds about right.
    Learning how to belong doesn’t take much thought;
    your head shouldn’t put up a hell of a fight.


    Tonight’s song about an old love is based on the input from a number of followers: pokeopa, love-and-tacos, acrazyinsomniacturnedmusical, and  blackmage-lulu. The topic for this song is based on some poetry theotherson sent me the other day (the first verse in the lyrics). Because I’m moving this week, I could only record with my laptop’s junky internal microphone…but I like a raw sound, and the art of this is in the words. Thanks for contributing to tonight’s crowdsource project, bloggers. I hope you enjoy what I did with your inspiration. And I hope all of you feel at home with someone at some point in your lives, even if only temporarily. — Kavalier Calm


    I should think that after so much time,
    you’d tire of haunting my dreams.
    I never left home searching for another,
    but my soul’s looking
    for what I’ve never had.

    Now the colors and dust collecting on my old guitar
    remind me of a time when you so gently touched my heart.
    I know I need to separate emotion from reason,
    but I feel they are one in the same
    when you are in my thoughts.

    I remember you like a place I visited,
    a paradise that makes my heart scream:
    "Forget where you came from,
    it’s broken these days;
    the country you long for
    has lost its way.”

    For Brittany, the beautiful flower looking for a home. — Kavalier Calm


    Every time they make you move, you lose your roots,
    and you weaken and wilt as you should.
    And poor flower, you’re traded from hand to hand.

    Flower, can I give you a home?
    A safe place where you can grow.

    Every time you’re on display, they cut your stem,
    and you shake and you tumble as you should.
    And poor flower, they act as if you’re made of silk.

    Submit a song request.

    Just another love song for no one. Free downloads here. — Kavalier


    Can you see the longing in my eyes?
    Can you see I wish you were mine?
    'Cause there's something about the smile I bring to your face.
    It makes me feel like I might finally have a place
    to call home.
    Can you see you make me weak?
    Can you see what we could be?
    Will you be my home?