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Hi. I'm Kavalier Calm. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you. Really.
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  • I was told to be brave enough to ask for help from my fans, so here goes: please stream this EP “For Ellise” on Spotify, and please share it with your friends. I earn pennies per stream, and it helps keep my project—of writing for you all—afloat. After you/they listen, message me your/their thoughts, and in return I’ll write something just for you. The feedback will help me write the next one. Fair trade? Thanks, lovelies. I’m eternally grateful for your support. Oh, and you can download this EP for free here.

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

    Hey friends, I implore you to stream my songs on Spotify. Listen on repeat. Have them playing on your computer even if you aren’t in the room. I only make a fraction of a penny per play, but any little bit helps fund my project so I can keep writing songs for you all—for free. Share what you hear with your friends if you like it. Much love. — KC

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

    I’m writing a song about feeling like I’m not deserving of love. I’m brutally honest and arrogant, and it makes me hard to be with. I’d like to put other people’s reasons in the lyrics, too. So, why do you feel like you don’t deserve love?

    YouTube convinced me to make a “channel trailer”. I recorded it in one take. Did it make sense? Do you get that I love you weird strangers for inspiring me? Do you get that I want you to keep sending in requests? Forever?

    I was exploring ways to improve exposure for my music (because one of my 2014 resolutions is to actually make money from this), and I just read that MySpace is the best social media site for musicians. I thought that site died when I was in middle school. Do you guys really listen to musicians on MySpace?

    I can’t sing because of this never-ending cold. So I’m going to put together a little digital album for you lovelies. Any visual artists around right now want to help make album art?

    A lullaby for anon. I hope you all enjoy it. Free downloads of this song are here.

         the night looks good on you

    lying in the soft grass with you
    staring up at the velvet sky.
    streaming sunlight, so far away;
    small things add up in a big way.

    and the night looks good on you.

    i think of you with every thought;
    you claim to read minds.
    a walk in the woods only grasshoppers see.
    and the earth keeps on spinning.

    and the night looks good on you.

    and the constellations we create
    and every breath you take
    sends ripples through my soul.

    and the night looks good on you.

    So, I usually ask you guys to submit song or poetry requests for yourself, but tonight I was wondering if you’d point me to other blogs—to other bloggers who you think would like something from me. It will be fun because we can keep it a surprise until I post something for them, and I’ll let them know it came from you. Message me, friends. — KC

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