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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Tonight’s song is inspired by my friend and CI’s very own Delaney Gunn. She proposed an experiment: what if we both wrote a song based on the same lyrics, then compared the results? I was very intrigued, so she gave me these wonderful lyrics, and this tune is what I came up with. When she shares the song she wrote based on the same words, I’ll share it with you all, and you can compare them, too. Given the lyrics, the song that popped out of my head sounds surprisingly upbeat. Maybe there’s lovely irony in that? With more time, I’d add some electric guitar over top—but I must sleep. Much, much love. — KC 

         We Always Hurt the Ones We Love 

    We always hurt the ones we love 
    Though we try not to 
    We always hurt the ones we love
    And they never see it coming 

    The first day of sixth grade 
    I met a girl who called me the wrong name 
    A week later, she called me baby
    And I told her I didn’t feel the same 

    The first day I got on a plane 
    I promised my mum I would call her every day 
    A week went by, two years the same 
    And that sad telephone still hasn’t rang

    The first thing I did when I turned seventeen 
    was tell a girl what she meant to me 
    But I got scared and I knew I was in too deep 
    So I told her that I had to leave 
    CHORUS X 2

    But we always see it coming 

    Tonight’s song is special. It took two muses. Danna at dannafelice reached out to me to ask if I’d write a song about being a giver. She said sometimes she feels like everyone around her takes, and she never gets anything in return. I understand this feeling very well. I’m a giver, too. That’s what Crowdsource Inspiration is, really. Endless gifts for strangers. I’m not trying to say I’m a martyr, though. Know why? Because I give by choice. Because I want to be known as a giver. So if I’m giving because I’m seeking praise, it’s not such a selfless thing. But I digress…I wrote this song for Danna. It’s about a relationship I was in where there was no give and take. Danna wrote this line for the chorus herself: “When did give and take lose all the give?” The second muse that contributed to this song is Haley at fairytale-dream-girl. Haley offered to collaborate with me some time, and I eagerly asked her to help with this tune. Hers is the lovely, haunting voice singing with me during the first two verses. I wanted to give the impression that this old flame was still there, looming in the dark places in my mind. The chorus is my attempt to scare that voice away once and for all. Honestly, I’ll never scare away that hurt for good. But writing this song helped—at least for a little while. Thanks for helping me, ladies. Enjoy the track, followers and friends (synonyms). Much love. — KC

         Give and Take

    You’d trade ounces of like
    for pounds and pounds of my love.
    You ate like a pig; yes, you had your fill.
    And now I say, enough is enough.

    When did give and take lose all the give?
    When you failed to keep your promise.

    You were quicksand.
    The more I struggled, the more I sank.
    You swallowed every last drop
    of my heart’s lifeblood.

    Give and take lost all the give
    when you promised everything
    and left me with nothing
    but a world of pain.

    I recently dedicated a love song to my friend Christy called “Every Little Piece”. The song is about her missing an old flame. Well, when Clementine (one of this fine blog’s contributing artists) heard the track, she offered to harmonize over top. The result is beautiful. So, I give unto you followers a gem. Free downloads can be found here (just enter $0 as the price). Enjoy, lovelies. — Kavalier Calm

         Every Little Piece

    The flowers you gave me were supposed to last forever
    just like our love,
    but both dried up,
    crumbled to dust,
    and, love, it fills my lungs.

    I need you, every little piece.
    Without you, the puzzle won’t be complete.
    And I know I should just give up,
    but I want to see the picture we would make.

    All the promises you made are a part of me
    just like my flesh and blood.
    When you left,
    the promises broke,
    and so did my bones and soul.

    Do you like to sing? I need the recordings of many voices to make a group chorus in a song I just wrote called “A Beer With A Friend”. Don’t be shy. It’s a jaunty, pub song, so beautiful singing voices are not required (or even encouraged). For more information on how to help, click here. I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time. I’ll be sure to credit all contributors when I post the finished product. Thank you, lovelies! — KC

    Lovelies, will you help me finish a song? I wrote this tune about the joys of drinking with a friend after seeing this wonderful gif on jellyyyace. What I need you all for is a group singing of the chorus. At about 3:43, after I holler “All together now!”, I need you to record yourself singing the chorus along with me. If you listen a few times, I know you’ll pick it up. I don’t care how you record yourself (your laptop’s internal mic with the free recording software Audacity, your iPhone’s video or voice memo feature, etc.); just do it some way, then email the audio file/video to crowdsourceinspiration@gmail.com. Wear headphones as you listen to sing along, so I only hear you. When you listen to the this draft, you’ll hear a bunch of guitar-only spots. Once I compile all your contributions, I’m going to splice them in and add guitar solos throughout. I really appreciate your help. Once I post the track, I’m going to give a shout out to everyone who contributed. Here are the lyrics of the chorus. Much love. — KC

    A beer with a friend is like learning to swim:
    wet your whistle together, and you won’t forget.
    And I thank God every day for the social lubricant.
    Yes, we find each other when drowning in sin.

    Two hours ago, I asked if any artists wanted to collaborate, and J at phartography answered:

    This sounds like fun, you should go to my soundcloud and just pick something. http://soundcloud.com/ihasded

    I dug his work, and got excited about the challenge of playing with dubstep/electronic/beats because I’m all about two-track, acoustic minimalism. We chatted, and he directed me to his song Junkpilot, in which he imagined someone traveling to space in a jerry-rigged ship that regularly malfunctions. After listening a few times, I knew I couldn’t sing with it, but I felt I could give it some poetry. Something about the adventure in J’s sound reminded me of my grandfather, and I hit record and just started talking. Somehow these words flowed out of me, improv, in one take. And it felt so right, like magic. Not only did the words come easy, but the timing was spot on (the lyrical topics fit the instrumental moment). Enjoy this, friends. And, please, check out J’s amazing work and blog. Support him like you support me. And J, thanks for letting me play with your sound. — K.C.


    Day 7.
    Outer space.
    Alone. And it’s wonderful.
    I remembered my grandfather today.
    He was a cowboy.
    And when I was a boy, I wanted to be just like him.
    I suppose being an astronaut is the next best thing.

    When I built this in the junk yard,
    I should have guessed that some things would break.
    I should have guessed that I would break.
    But there’s nothing a good kick can’t fix.
    Just like when grandfather used to hit the top of the T.V.
    to make the fuzz go away.
    Cowboy tricks work in space, too.

    Day 3156.
    I’m alone, and it’s wonderful.
    My ship, my vessel, my horse
    carries onward.
    No man has ever had a pony like this before.
    The universe is my oyster,
    and I’m greedy for its pearls.
    Grandfather would be proud
    that someone else lived the cowboy dream
    in an age when cowboys aren’t needed.

    Are there any Adventure Time fan artists out there who want to draw Beemo holding a shield and short sword?

    I’m writing a song called “Warrior Beemo”, and I’d like to post it with a visual when it’s finally done. Will be good exposure and a fun way to add another dimension to your 2d art. Actually, if more than one person wants to contribute, I’d give a shout out to all the bloggers in the audio post. Thanks in advance! Just search #Adventure Time on my blog to hear the other AT songs I’ve already written.