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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • I’ve done it again. Searched the tag “question” and found this post from sashdaley:


    sex is the question. Yes is the answer

    Thanks for the inspiration.

         Q & A Blues

    Life is too short to walk around
    all confused and lonesome.
    There’s too much to learn
    to stay in the dark.

    Darlin’, your body’s got a question,
    and mine’s got an answer.
    Just go ahead and ask,
    and I’ll give you all my advice.

    In this instance,
    ignorance is not bliss.
    But I can promise you,
    soon enough you’ll know what bliss is.


    In this you can be my pupil,
    and I’ll be your professor.
    Just put your sweet apple on my desk,
    and I’ll make sure you pass.


    Tonight’s inspiration comes from two main sources. Firstly, Leonard Cohen in general is a constant inspiration; he is one of the few musicians who operates as a poet first, which is my aim. He doesn’t have a personal blog, so I will thank Hannah over at fuckyeahmrleonardcohen for posting great Cohen content. Secondly, I’ll thank the blogger at s-p-r-i-n-g- for posting warm and sunny images. I found this blog on my phone while I waited in the freezing cold for the bus this morning. While looking at it, my head started piecing together these lyrics. Enjoy!

         Spring nights

    Those spring nights are lost; and this winter is long.
    But I won’t forget your warmth.
    No, I won’t forget

    When you loved me on those spring nights
    I almost knew why I’m here.
    I tried to grasp the truth like water,
    but my fingers only found your hair—
    and that was good enough.


    When you loved me on those spring nights
    I whispered away my pain.
    Too quiet for you to hear the words,
    but loud enough to hear their meaning.
    I wanted you to respond, but you only smiled—
    and that was good enough.


    When you loved me on those springs nights
    I confused the humid air with lust.
    We were a spark, and we were fire itself.
    I sank in the steam, willing to drown,
    but I floated to the surface on your body—
    and that was good enough.


    Tonight’s tune is for the beautiful Danielle at tobaccoblonde. When I asked her to be my muse, she suggested I read her poetry for lyric ideas. I soaked up her words greedily, especially her poem “body parts”. She wrote this poem about a (lucky) boy, but I played with the language to make it about her. Parts of her poem went into the verses, and I stared at pictures of her (blissfully) for inspiration on other lines. This recording is raw and grainy because it felt right. So right. Thanks for inspiring me, Danielle. Enjoy, everyone. — KC

         Who You Are

    There’s not one inch,
    not one part,
    not one speck on your body
    that tells me who you are.
    Not the hair that drapes your face,
    not your bones and tiny frame.
    It’s your words that tell me who you are.

    You say, “I’m your girl,”
    and I know the whole world
    couldn’t take you from me.

    No place I put my lips,
    my teeth,
    my fingertips
    tells me who you are.
    Not the way I know your shape,
    not the way that we escape.
    It’s your words that tell me who you are.

    For the first night in many,
    you aren’t beside me.
    The cold, empty space
    on your side of the bed
    threatens to consume me.
    I defend myself with memories
    of your laughter
    and your body,
    and your warmth.

    My body: I'm tired.
    My mind: I'm tired of you always being tired.

    I’m don’t go to the gym to get a hot bod girls will notice; I’m go to earn all the ice cream, beer, and etc. vice I want.

    Our body listens to our heart to survive. Our heart listens to music to survive.