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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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    Tonight’s rock song was made with some samples from old technology: a Talking Whiz Kid. I got this when I was a boy, and I played the hell out of its number games when I was young. I found it in the closet the other day, and I couldn’t believe it still works. You know a technology is old when it advertises—in its name—that it has the ability to talk. When I turned it on, I was captivated by all the lo-fi sounds this machine makes—sounds of victory and defeat. I recorded it speaking a number of words and accidentally made it spell the compound word in the title; I instantly knew I had a song. The funny thing is Siri doesn’t sound any more sophisticated. This tune is about two people who are falling in love, but they are both denying it. I devote it to these awesome gaming/old technology/music blogs: derekgheck-yeah-old-tech, nerdology, videogamenostalgia, justintr, and thestrutny. Enjoy everyone!


    You’re like a spider
    weaving me into your web,
    and I could escape,
    but I’d rather stay here instead.
    You’re like a bear,
    and I’m a hive full of honey,
    and though you’re bound to get stung,
    you just can’t say no.

    You have a plot,
    you have a plan
    to win the lovegame.

    We’re on the same adventure,
    in the same dark cavern,
    neither of us wants
    to share that treasure.
    You give something up
    when you give it up.
    Lose your heart, lose your head,
    lose your freedom, lose the game.


    Who will find it first?
    The truth and the feel.
    Rub it in the face of the other,
    act like it ain’t real.