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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Okay, that year-long experiment of having more than just my writings on my blog is over. The image-heavy content brought in followers—was very Tumblr-friendly—but it’s too much work to manage. It’s too much time I should be spending writing. So, I’m going back to my old model, and this blog is pretty much just going to be songs or poems I write—with a few random images here and there. Status update complete. — Kavalier

    Tonight’s song was inspired by Ria at rustlerustle. She shared a poem she wrote with me—about being skeptical of a love—with the recurring line: “What did I do to deserve this?” I wanted to use this line in a song, but I also wanted to know why others feel like they don’t deserve love. So I asked, and many of you answered beautifully (if sadly). Thank you, thank you. I used most of your responses in the lyrics to this song. All the verses contain hyperlinks to the blogger who submitted the idea. Followers, check out their blogs as you listen to my song and maybe message them and let them know you still think they deserve love. Please? For me? Free downloads of this song are here. Much love. — KC

         To Deserve You

    I have a history of being intense.
    I’m a disappointment to all my friends.
    I don’t filter my mouth when I speak.
    So how could you want me?

    What did I do to deserve this?
    What did I do to deserve you?

    I’m too simple—in a complicated way.
    I’m haunted by my past mistakes.
    I love too much and too many at once.
    So how could you be the one?

    I wish I was someone else.
    I like to hide in my shell.
    I play too much when things get real.
    So what is this that I feel?

    I’m writing a song about feeling like I’m not deserving of love. I’m brutally honest and arrogant, and it makes me hard to be with. I’d like to put other people’s reasons in the lyrics, too. So, why do you feel like you don’t deserve love?

    Dear friends, for your streaming/downloading pleasure, I just released my two-track single The Way You Weigh On My Heart on SpotifyiTunes, and Bandcamp. I wrote the title track for the beautiful Kenzie at vodkacupcakes; it’s about loving a girl who doesn’t always love herself. The second track is for the lovely Rachel at eclecticpandas; it’s about a girl who’s so beautiful I can hardly walk. As always, friends, thank you for listening. Much, much love. — Kavalier

    Tonight’s song is for  António over at ant0rm. We talked about growing older and giving up on our dreams (mine is being a professional musician, his is being a professional surfer). I decided to apply this concept to a love song. I’m one of many who’s given up on the dream of true love; I’m hoping others will relate to the lyrics. This is the first song I’ve fully produced with Fruity Loops, and it’s some of my fullest work yet (percussion, bass, piano, etc.). Free downloads of this tune are here (just enter $0 as the price). Let me know what you think, followers. Much love. — KC

        Giving Up On Dreams

    When I was small,
    I had dreams to grow
    as tall as the sun.
    When I hit the glass ceiling,
    a normal life
    broke my fall.
    And now I see dreams are for those who get to sleep,
    but I’ve been awake, eyes wide open, since you left me.

    Giving up on dreams.

    Fairytales teach us
    to believe in true love.
    But Princes do not come
    from kissed frogs.
    And now I see stories are for those who can hear,
    but I’ve been deaf since you left, fingers in my ears.

    Giving up on dreams.

    Tonight’s song is inspired by my friend and CI’s very own Delaney Gunn. She proposed an experiment: what if we both wrote a song based on the same lyrics, then compared the results? I was very intrigued, so she gave me these wonderful lyrics, and this tune is what I came up with. When she shares the song she wrote based on the same words, I’ll share it with you all, and you can compare them, too. Given the lyrics, the song that popped out of my head sounds surprisingly upbeat. Maybe there’s lovely irony in that? With more time, I’d add some electric guitar over top—but I must sleep. Much, much love. — KC 

         We Always Hurt the Ones We Love 

    We always hurt the ones we love 
    Though we try not to 
    We always hurt the ones we love
    And they never see it coming 

    The first day of sixth grade 
    I met a girl who called me the wrong name 
    A week later, she called me baby
    And I told her I didn’t feel the same 

    The first day I got on a plane 
    I promised my mum I would call her every day 
    A week went by, two years the same 
    And that sad telephone still hasn’t rang

    The first thing I did when I turned seventeen 
    was tell a girl what she meant to me 
    But I got scared and I knew I was in too deep 
    So I told her that I had to leave 
    CHORUS X 2

    But we always see it coming 

    Crowdsource Inspiration 2014 Resolutions

    1) Write and post at least two songs a week. I’ve written over 200 songs in the last two years, and I want to keep the pace up. To achieve this…

    2) I’m announcing Tune Tuesdays and Thursdays. Basically, I will at least write a song on those nights. Having a routine like this will keep me honest and let you guys know when I’m around if you want to drop a fresh request. Again, I will at least post songs those nights. As the spirit moves me, I’ll be answering your requests all days and at all hours.

    3) Make money with my music. I know, I know; it sounds slimy. But my current financial situation dictates that I either find a way to bring home some $$ with my songwriting, or I need to spend the hours I devote to music on a second job. I refuse to have ads on my blog, and I still want my songs to be available for free download—as they all are on my Bandcamp page. So maybe I need to start politely asking people to pay if they can/want to? I have to start believing my work is “worth it” because, based on the messages I get from you beautiful weirdos, some of you do. Also, maybe I can work for commission? I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how music makes money. Maybe I need to get a label? Play more live (which is so not my style)? I’d appreciate hearing any ideas you might have. I don’t want to pollute what I have here, but if it doesn’t become sustainable, it won’t last.

    Thanks for listening, friends. And now I’m going to make coffee and write my first song for Tune Thursday! I’ll post it in a couple of hours. In the mean time, I’ll post a video of my song about 2014. Much love. — Kavalier Calm


    Teen Lust, my latest Tumblr-inspired album, is complete. I invite you to please enjoy my minimalistic songs about complicated love. Stream it or download it HERE! There are 200 free downloads available on a first come, first served basis (just enter $0 as the price); after that, Bandcamp will require a donation per download (which can be as low as $1).

    Below is the tracklisting with a special shoutout to the bloggers who inspired me to write the songs on this album. Clicking the Tumblr blogs’ names will take you to the sources of my inspiration—beautiful muses, all very worth following.

    1. The Rhythm of Love (Intro Track)
    2. Teen Lust, inspired by Armani at heyarmani.
    3. Last Minute Love, inspired by Layla.
    4. Enough, inspired by Kristina at 5ailor.
    5. The Way You Weigh On My Heart, inspired by Aamna at omgitsaamna.
    6. Favorite Confection, inspired by Kenzie at vodkacupcakes.
    7. Manda, inspired by Manda at manda.
    8. Sink or Swim, inspired by Eva and Rhys.
    9. Smart Song, inspired by CI’s own Delaney Gunn at shenanigunns.
    10. Feelings Like This, inspired by Rafaella at rawphaelah.
    11. A Song That Never Ends (Bonus Outro Track available with full album download)

    If you’d like to inspire a track on my next album, then please submit a song request. Ideas from strangers like you are the foundation of my creative output. Enjoy, everyone! Much love. — Kavalier Calm

    Im curious about how or why you started doing this, and even more, why tumblr? how you found tumblr and why you use it? idk :P

    I started CI because I love songwriting but need motivation to consistently work at it. Why on Tumblr, though? My kid sister showed me Tumblr one day, and I was instantly intrigued by the idea of micro-blogging. I decided it would be fun to focus a blog on songwriting because I noticed the Tumblrverse was very 2D (all photos and text), and it would be original to bring music to it. I also appreciated the Ask/Answer and messaging features. There’s a natural, collaborative community on Tumblr that makes it a good fit for CI. When I started the blog, I used to just post open asks about song concepts, and I relied on input from you lovely strangers to shape the songwriting process. In general not enough people responded, though, so I started just browsing through blogs until I was inspired. And then I’d surprise people with a song for them. Who doesn’t like surprises? By total accident, I dedicated a song to someone on Tumblr’s staff, and in response I was given the opportunity to spotlight my blog under /musicians. It was an honor, and I like to think I haven’t wasted it. I’m still eagerly bringing audio to Tumblr’s 2D environment (even if Tumblr doesn’t make audio posts very friendly for the user or consumer). Some days I don’t know if it is the best medium for my project, but I’m not sure where else I’d go. Plus, I like everyone here too much! — KC

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