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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • When Amber suggested I write a song for a girl who loves Doctor Who, I asked her to explain why she is a Whovian. She admitted loving the Doctor so much that she has told boys she’s not interested in them because she’s looking for a Time Lord. I imagined what it would be like to be such a boy—a boy trying to outshine a fictional, flawless character—and this song was the end result. No boy could ever live up to the Doctor, but maybe a boy like the one in this song would be good enough, Amber? I’m on the road this weekend, so I recorded with my laptop’s junky webcam and the only stringed instrument I could find: a banjo. I like it. I dedicate this tune to Amber for inspiring me and to these blogs with fun Doctor Who content: becauseofdoctorwho, whywelovedoctorwho, doctorwhoproblems, heckyadoctorwho, doctorwhofanart, and whovianconfessions. Enjoy, friends! — Kavalier Calm

         You, Galaxies, Time Travel, and Love

    Well, you came to my door in the dead of night,
    and you took my flashlight, and took me on a hike.
    You wore a skirt and climbed over rocks,
    and I pretended not to watch.
    And when we reached the spot to see the stars,
    you stretched out your arms so far,
    I thought the galaxies would reach back.

    You turned to me and told me what you need,
    and I stood shaking in the knees:
    "A man of the future, who comes from the past,
    a man who is bright, but puts himself last—
    consistent and clever and always on time,
    and with every word he seems just right.
    And I knew just what I had to say:

    Well, I can’t time travel or regenerate.
    I’m a small town boy, not a Lord from Gallifrey.
    And if I had two hearts, I’d give you one,
    but half of this one I have should be enough.
    And you wish you lived in a different age,
    but here under these stars is where I want to be,
    with you and your warmth in my reach—
    just like those galaxies.

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      Okay. Let me get this strait. This guy. Wrote a romantic song for a girl based on Doctor Who and how he can never be as...
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