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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • My newest #gaming song is for all the earthbound dreamers out there. We all want to get off the ground, live our dreams and go on adventures, but sometimes it feels like we’ll be earthbound forever. I bet that’s what Ness thought, living a normal life just like the rest of us, until a meteor fell and an alien told him he was destined to save the universe. My song is about Ness and Earthbound/Mother, but it’s for anyone hoping adventure is just around the bend. Because, who knows, it may be! My friends Eric and Josh over at the wonderful On The Level Gaming blog suggested I write a song for Ness, so I dedicate this song to them. They actually gave me several awesome #gaming song ideas, so expect more soon. I also dedicate this song to these great blogs with Earthbound/Mother content: earthbound-mother-series, asknesssdad, ask-ninten, doodlebound, imadogfish, simonbobx, pepperattacks, and f***yeahmother. Free downloads of this song are here, and you can stream it on YouTube here. Enjoy, earthbound dreamers! — Kavalier Calm


    If you’re an earthbound boy hoping for heroic fate,
    know that it’s just one meteor fall away.
    And when you get your chance to defend those in need,
    you better have your baseball bat at the ready.

    'Cause an insectoid alien from the future may appear,
    buzz, buzz, buzzing his worries in your ear;
    he’ll tell you the Apple of Enlightenment
    chose you to save the universe from space giants.
    And you’ll know that prophetic fruit spoke the truth
    when your psychic mind knows just what to do.

    'Cause you may have to fight Starmen and Spiteful Crows
    while wielding weapons like frying pans and yo-yos.
    And you may travel through one, two, three, four towns,
    and you may get to see The Runaway Five get down.
    And I bet you’ll meet a bunch of insane cultists
    who think their way of life is the Happiest.

    And you won’t fight alone; you’ll have all the friends you need:
    a Prince, your dog, a nerd, and a lovely lady.
    You can call your dad whenever you need to save,
    and at Mr. Saturn’s hotel you may get a free stay.
    And when you feel the weight of the world on you,
    remember faith in your friends and prayer will see you through.

    We earthbound boys all have big dreams.
    We want to leave our homes and leave our dull destinies.
    The best we can do is be vigilant and stand
    ready for when the universe needs a helping hand.
    Earthbound boys, remember your heroic fate
    is just one meteor fall away.

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