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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • Me: Why is vulnerability sexy?
    You: What do you mean?
    Me: When you are worried about something and telling me about your fears, I want to kiss your mouth...I guess I want to make you feel better, and some part of me knows words won't help.
    You: I don't know why you feel this way...But I give you full permission to kiss my mouth whenever I'm afraid.
    Hey could you wrote a poem on how beauty can be found in the darkest of moments and the smallest of ideas? And I would be in humble gratitude if you would read one or two of mine! :) I would even write one for you!

    Asked by s3v3ri7y

    Yeah! I’m going to write something now then Instagram it @kavaliercalm

    Hey, I've been streamin' your songs on spotify and enjoying it!! I shared one on twitter, I don't have too many followers but I'm sure some people will have a listen :) I've been looking for someone to talk to tonight and you seemed available and perfect - right now i feel kinda sad which isn't normal for me and i also feel lonely, my friends are all on holiday without me :'( and also it's weird but i feel like my sense of humor is vanishing... thank you for listening :)

    (Thanks! Keep streaming, boo. Now something for you.)

    My sixth sense is humor,
    and I can sense an untapped well
    of laughter in you.
    Let me dig,
    one joke at a time
    until I find that sweet water
    and drink and drink and drink.

    Can you write a poem about me?

    Yes, but you gotta give me something—a spark. Tell me about yourself. Something special.

    Can you please write me a song or poem? I'm Emma. Umm... I'm really depressed, I struggle with selfharm and anorexia, but trying to break free. All of my friends don't want to be near me unless something dramatic happens, and I almost committed suicide 4 times. I take my feelings out through listening to music, and I'm bullied a lot but I know there's gonna be a day where I stand above them. I hope this helps if u do decide to write sumthin for me. (Btw I cannot stop listening to u on spotify

    Asked by Anonymous

    (Thanks for listening to my songs. If you love them, share the link to Spotify with your friends, mom, whoever. Now something for you.)

    No More Goodbyes

    Four times I said goodbye.
    Four times Life said “No.”
    Like a crazed lover,
    it won’t let me go.
    It says we’re destined to be together,
    to do great things,
    that better days will come
    if we just stretch our wings.

    And slowly it’s convinced me
    this could be true.
    “Don’t give up on me;
    I don’t give up on you.”
    So I promise there won’t be a fifth goodbye.
    I promise, Life, I will not die
    until I’m old and grey and sighing
    at the memories of our flying.

    Three years into writing hundreds of poems and songs for other people, and asking for nothing in return, I’ve decided to ask for something back. I’m at a financial crossroads in my personal life. If I’m going to keep making music, it has to start bringing in income. I hate this, but it’s just true. I’m not going to ask anyone to buy any of my music; but if you would stream my songs on Spotify (even if you just have them playing on repeat when you aren’t in the room), I’ll earn some money. Enough to help my next big musical project and keep my dream alive—my dream of writing for other people. People like all of you. I promise to be eternally grateful, but I also promise this: If you send me a message and tell me you’ve been streaming my songs—and you tell me who you’ve shared them with and how (reblog, Facebook, etc.)—I promise to write something for you. Tell me a story from your life, tell me about yourself, and I will burn a small sliver of my heart as fuel to create for you. I promise. I’m asking you fans out there to be my musical champions, but I don’t expect you to do it for nothing. Thanks for considering. I look forward to your messages coming in. Much, much love. — Kavalier Calm, The People’s Bard

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

    I used to be afraid of never finding what I want to do with my life. Now that I’ve found it—making music—I’m way more terrified of the idea of not being able to do it.


    I wrote this song for Rebecca over at sorry. I was inspired by her url and how goddamn cute she is. The song is about being crazy in love with someone. Maybe too in love. It’s NSFW because I use the F word and almost say pussy (woops, just said it). If you don’t like this song, sorry not sorry. If you do like it, download it for free hereMuch love, friends. The crazy kind. — Kavalier

    Girl at the bar: So what do you do?
    Me: I'm a sculptor.
    Girl at the bar: Really?
    Me: Yeah. But I guess I should just throw away my chisels.
    Girl at the bar: Why?
    Me: Because I'll never sculpt anything as beautiful as you.


    Today’s song is for Amber and Zach and everyone else in a long distance relationship. Amber told me they are tired of being apart, but they know patience is the key. So I wrote a song about being patient—about having a love that waits. Good luck to everyone else who’s waiting to be with the person they love. Trust me, it’s worth it. Free downloads of this song are here, and you can watch me perform it on YouTube here. Much love. — Kavalier

       A Love That Waits

    I crave your touch, but I only feel you near my ear.
    Your voice travels as sound waves and begs me to hear.
    Love is a locked door, and patience is the key.
    But my patience wears thin without you next to me.

    And I know the future seems far away,
    but our love is a love that waits.

    When we’re together, I freeze us in time.
    But I need more than smiles in a box of 3x5s.
    Love is a string that invisibly binds,
    but I want to see it as two bodies entwined.

    We’re miles and miles apart, but our hearts are close.

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