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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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  • It’s pretty simple, actually: A good relationship always results in good sex, but good sex does not always result in a good relationship.

    "P-E-R-F-E-C-T", for my perfectionist friend, Joel. Demand the best from the universe, friends, and you just might get it. Free downloads here. Much love. — Kavalier

    Me: Do you believe in love at first sight?
    Girl at the bar: No.
    Me: Then how about love at first touch?
    I lost my brother to an accident a year and a half ago and it's really been getting to me lately cause I just miss him so much and things aren't the same and I hate myself for what happened to him because I could've prevented it. I just have this feeling deep in the pit of my chest of grief and I was wondering if you could write a song and or poem for my brother? Every time I try to do either I just break down and can't finish. You're so talented I know you'll do him justice. His name was Logan.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Dear Logan,
    Do you remember when we were kids
    and we’d play hide and seek for hours?
    We’d hide in the same, predictable places
    but pretend we were surprised every time we found each other.
    When I lost you, I thought you were in one of these places.
    But I haven’t found you yet.
    Where have you gone?
    Know that I will find you.

    I think I have a problem. I have a huge capacity to give love to others yet I find it hard to love my own self. I'm stupid right?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I’ll be honest with you: That is stupid. But it’s also normal. I’m stupid in this way, too. And most of my friends.
    On days when I like myself, I manage to focus on the good about me. My height and health, not my thinning hair. The joy I have writing, not my low income. My ability to work hard, not my low book smarts. Focusing in this way works most days if you accept up front that no one is perfect. Everyone just has a set of strengths. What’re yours?

    You: Maybe we're not fated to be together.
    Me: Maybe.
    You: ...
    Me: But maybe I make my own choices. Maybe I don't give a shit about fate.
    Recently my boyfriend had a picture of a girl that's not me on his phone and than I find out he's following all these model accounts on Instagram and an account on snapchat that is called partyfessional and features pics of naked girls and girls fingering themselves. Idk what to do or how I feel

    Asked by Anonymous

    Talk to him about it? There’s nothing inherently wrong or right with what he was doing…it’s up to individual couples to discuss what place things like porn will/will not have in their lives. You’ll reach a middle ground and probably learn a lot about each other. And if you aren’t comfortable having a conversation like this with him, I’d wonder why you are dating him.

    How should I feel? Everyone is thinking I'm happy but I'm only breaking inside. It's been getting harder to smile for anyone one and I dont know how to deal with this pain. I just want to be happy for everyone again.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Don’t be happy for everyone. Just be happy for you. Find what makes you happy and do it. The people who really love you will be happy if they see you are.


    For anon. Much love. — Kavalier

         Cry, Baby, Cry

    I won’t pretend to know how it feels.
    But, darlin’, I swear I’ve been hurt, too.
    If life’s got you down,
    then there’s only one thing left to do.

    Cry, baby, cry, baby, cry.
    Let it all out and let me in.
    And I will soak up your tears.

    Bottle it up if you wish,
    but don’t act surprised when you explode.
    You think it’s a sign of weakness,
    but only the brave lighten their load.

    Just let them fall, let your tears fall.

    Kc, have you written any type of inspirational poem or song for anyone suffering from depression I lost my lover from suicide early this week and I'm am miserable trying so hard not to break down he was my everything and now I feel so empty

    Asked by Anonymous

    Actually, I’m going to encourage you to break down. Cry, baby, cry. Let all that pain out…I’m going to post a tune for you in one second.

    So today i decided to try and do something to help me forget my depression even just for a few minutes so I went to the park and took Legos and a picnic. These are some of my favorite things and I felt like a goddess until some man started making fun of me and told me that if I didn't want to be treated like a little girl than I should definitely stop acting like one. Of course I just cried, but honestly he had no right to take that moment of contentment from me.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hey, as The Lego Movie taught us: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! So ignore the grumpy asshole. You know, you actually robbed the moment of contentment from yourself by acknowledging this guy. There are always people trying to bring us down; it’s totally up to us whether they’re successful or not, though.

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