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I'm KC, The People's Bard. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you.
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    Today’s love song—brought to you in part by a snow day—is for Poppy over at let-the-bruises-heal. I stumbled onto her blog after I saw this super cute pic of her. Much to my delight, she shares a name with a flower—a flower of infinite metaphorical significance. And so I stared at her pic until this rockin’ tune came tumblin’ out of my head. You can watch me perform this on YouTube here. You can download it for free on my Bandcamp page here. Thanks, Poppy. Enjoy, friends. Much, much, love — Kavalier

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    not the person who sent the last ask, just another curious anon, but did you enjoy your first cigarette? what brand of straights or tobacco did you have? who did you smoke it with?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I was at a family reunion and partying with my aunts. Like I said, I’d passed up opportunities to share the first with so many important people in my life…so though I wanted to end the suspense, I didn’t want to waste it. My family is fun as hell, so it was a solid choice. I only took two drags, and I don’t even know what type it was. I remember being surprised how easy it was. And then being terrified. A part of the reason I stay away from it is because I know I’ll love it.

    *Let's do things differently this time.. I wanna write a poem for you. Tell me something interesting and I'll write to you about it, you'll recognize me by this star *

    Asked by Anonymous

    Ooo, fun! Okay…how about I tried my first cigarette this weekend. For years I’d passed on opportunities to try my first one…so it became this thing in my head. Like, I’d given up so many great opportunities (you know with special people in cool places), I was starting to think none would be good enough. So to just end it, I did it this weekend. And I’m glad I did.

    Could you please write me something about how you're slowly falling in love and relating it to the stars? Stars are me and my boyfriend's thing.

    Asked by Anonymous

    (Could you please listen to my tracks on Spotify? On repeat?)

    Constellation of one

    They say it takes millions of years
    for the light of stars to finally reach us.
    Before I met you, I saw other couples,
    so I knew the light of love was real.
    But I didn’t know you were real.
    You were far away, and your shine
    inched its way towards my waiting eyes.
    When I finally saw you, I knew
    your fire would burn for ages.
    For me.
    Now you’re my constellation of one,
    the only star I see.

    What about the Canadians that want to help? We don't have access to Spotify?

    Asked by Anonymous

    O, Canada! I didn’t even know you were excluded. Are you sure? My distributor put my stuff up for streaming on Rhapsody, too. Does anyone use that? Otherwise, my songs are available on iTunes, but as I said—I won’t ask anyone to pay for my music. In fact, you can download all you want for free on Bandcamp. I appreciate your wanting to help, though, friend.

    If you feel inspired, would you write something about my love of autumn and the cold wind chilling through my spine and making me feel alive?

    Asked by Anonymous

    (If you feel inspired, would you stream my songs on Spotify on repeat?)

    My spine is like a rod of ice
    on these cold autumn nights.
    Instead of bend, it may break,
    and this truth just makes
    My heart was like a ball of snow
    every time you would show.
    Instead of beat, it would melt,
    and this truth just felt

    Three years into writing hundreds of poems and songs for other people, and asking for nothing in return, I’ve decided to ask for something back. I’m at a financial crossroads in my personal life. If I’m going to keep making music, it has to start bringing in income. I hate this, but it’s just true. I’m not going to ask anyone to buy any of my music; but if you would stream my songs on Spotify (even if you just have them playing on repeat when you aren’t in the room), I’ll earn some money. Enough to help my next big musical project and keep my dream alive—my dream of writing for other people. People like all of you. I promise to be eternally grateful, but I also promise this: If you send me a message and tell me you’ve been streaming my songs—and you tell me who you’ve shared them with and how (reblog, Facebook, etc.)—I promise to write something for you. Tell me a story from your life, tell me about yourself, and I will burn a small sliver of my heart as fuel to create for you. I promise. I’m asking you fans out there to be my musical champions, but I don’t expect you to do it for nothing. Thanks for considering. I look forward to your messages coming in. Much, much love. — Kavalier Calm, The People’s Bard

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

    Could you right something about being in love with someone thats in love with someone else. Wanting them to no longer come around because you're so weak for them that you give in and wake up with a broken heart.

    Asked by Anonymous

    I did write a song once about someone who made me that weak. You can listen to it here. And I’ll post it in a bit.

    Girl at the bar: So are you going to ask for my number or not?
    Me: Not yet.
    Girl at the bar: Why not?
    Me: I figure the longer I wait, the longer I get to keep you here with me tonight.
    Can you write a poem about a girl whose home is really her prison?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Each member of my family,
    each person in this town,
    is like a bar on a jail cell.
    Maybe if I could find just one
    who was weak to my touch—
    maybe one looking for love—
    they’d bend so I could escape
    my prison and enter the world.
    Then again, if I could find just one,
    I might stay with them inside
    and make a home of my cell.

    You sir know how to speak my heart and mind for me. Congrats, you're doing your job perfectly

    Asked by jewels02

    This means a lot to me. But it’s not my job. Unfortunately, it’s just a hobby, and I work in a suit from 9-5. But if you help me make it a job, by streaming my tunes on Spotify so I earn pennies, then it will become a job, and I’ll promise to work tirelessly for you.

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