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Hi. I'm Kavalier Calm. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you. Really.
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    I wrote this song for Rebecca over at sorry. I was inspired by her url and how goddamn cute she is. The song is about being crazy in love with someone. Maybe too in love. It’s NSFW because I use the F word and almost say pussy (woops, just said it). If you don’t like this song, sorry not sorry. If you do like it, download it for free hereMuch love, friends. The crazy kind. — Kavalier

    Girl at the bar: So what do you do?
    Me: I'm a sculptor.
    Girl at the bar: Really?
    Me: Yeah. But I guess I should just throw away my chisels.
    Girl at the bar: Why?
    Me: Because I'll never sculpt anything as beautiful as you.


    Today’s song is for Amber and Zach and everyone else in a long distance relationship. Amber told me they are tired of being apart, but they know patience is the key. So I wrote a song about being patient—about having a love that waits. Good luck to everyone else who’s waiting to be with the person they love. Trust me, it’s worth it. Free downloads of this song are here, and you can watch me perform it on YouTube here. Much love. — Kavalier

       A Love That Waits

    I crave your touch, but I only feel you near my ear.
    Your voice travels as sound waves and begs me to hear.
    Love is a locked door, and patience is the key.
    But my patience wears thin without you next to me.

    And I know the future seems far away,
    but our love is a love that waits.

    When we’re together, I freeze us in time.
    But I need more than smiles in a box of 3x5s.
    Love is a string that invisibly binds,
    but I want to see it as two bodies entwined.

    We’re miles and miles apart, but our hearts are close.


    I recently met Jessica, and she told me about her blog Hashtag Hearts where she posts couples’ love stories. We agreed it would be fun if I wrote songs about some of the stories, and Virginia and Forrest’s definitely jumped out at me. Virginia sees their meeting as fate, and I can’t help but agree that a bunch of small things had to happen just right for them to ever meet. Everyone’s love story is like that, and that’s what makes love so special. I was thinking about how special this is, and this little song just plopped out of my head. The lyrics are built around the concept of fate, and I included small details from their story like the “hurdle” the heart jumps (because Virginia is a track and field athlete) and the metaphor about an island at sea (because they met at a beach). I hope you enjoy it, friends. Free downloads of this song are on my Bandcamp page here. If you like my work, please like my musicians page on Facebook and send me a message about it. Much, much love! — Kavalier


    I don’t know who to thank for meeting you.
    Lots of small moments added up to make us two.
    Somehow it feels like it was always meant to be.
    That’s why if you look up “fate” in the dictionary, you’ll see:
    you and me.

    We grew up thousands of miles apart,
    each and every one a hurdle for the heart.
    But some magic magnet pulled you to me.

    I was just a tiny island in the sea,
    prepared to live the long life of the lonely.
    But of all the shores, you washed up on my beach.




    I wrote a song for Denny’s. Sorry. I get a little emotional about my cured meats. — KC


    Doc says my heart can’t handle it.
    My diet is too high in fat.
    What’s a man supposed to do
    when bacon is his favorite food group?
    Now I don’t mind a little green on my plate,
    but I live for an oinker’s taste.
    What’s a man supposed to do
    when bacon is his favorite food group?
    Eat at Denny’s until his life is through.

    Crying at the beauty. 

    I spent three years writing hundreds of love songs, and not one ever got more than 600 notes. I write a song about bacon and get over 1000. I think I’ve learned something important about you Tumblrers…

    Me: So do you have a Valentine?
    Girl at the bar: No. How about you?
    Me: I have this girl in mind, but I don't know if she likes me.
    Girl at the bar: What's her name?
    Me: I was hoping you could tell me.


    Tonight’s song was inspired by Ria at rustlerustle. She shared a poem she wrote with me—about being skeptical of a love—with the recurring line: “What did I do to deserve this?” I wanted to use this line in a song, but I also wanted to know why others feel like they don’t deserve love. So I asked, and many of you answered beautifully (if sadly). Thank you, thank you. I used most of your responses in the lyrics to this song. All the verses contain hyperlinks to the blogger who submitted the idea. Followers, check out their blogs as you listen to my song and maybe message them and let them know you still think they deserve love. Please? For me? Free downloads of this song are here. Much love. — KC

         To Deserve You

    I have a history of being intense.
    I’m a disappointment to all my friends.
    I don’t filter my mouth when I speak.
    So how could you want me?

    What did I do to deserve this?
    What did I do to deserve you?

    I’m too simple—in a complicated way.
    I’m haunted by my past mistakes.
    I love too much and too many at once.
    So how could you be the one?

    I wish I was someone else.
    I like to hide in my shell.
    I play too much when things get real.
    So what is this that I feel?

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