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Hi. I'm Kavalier Calm. I write songs and poems inspired by the people I meet on the internet. Ask, and I’ll write something for you. Really.
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  • This song was inspired by this post on reddit. Free downloads are here. Much love. — Kavalier

         I Don’t Want To Be What This World Needs Least 

    The kind of people this world needs most 
    are the first to leave. 
    The good die young defending 
    the weak. 

    The kind of people this world needs least 
    are the ones who win. 
    They live for capital-m Me— 
    everyone else be damned. 

    Sometimes I wonder, “If I’m still alive, 
    am I just like those creeps? 
    Have I sacrificed enough 
    for the weak?” 

    'Cause it's a privilege 
    to be among the living. 
    I don’t want to be 
    what this world needs least.

    Okay, that year-long experiment of having more than just my writings on my blog is over. The image-heavy content brought in followers—was very Tumblr-friendly—but it’s too much work to manage. It’s too much time I should be spending writing. So, I’m going back to my old model, and this blog is pretty much just going to be songs or poems I write—with a few random images here and there. Status update complete. — Kavalier

    Tonight’s song is for Maddi and her boyfriend, Michael. She told me that they are in a long-distance relationship, doing their best to make it work, and asked for a song about this. When I learned they originally met at a con, I realized I could reference costumed heroes and super powers in my song about their fight to overcome distance. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it, friends. And good luck Maddi and Michael! Free downloads of this song are here. — Kavalier Calm

         I Will Not Let The Miles Defeat Our Smiles

    Do you remember the day we met?
    Amidst a costume crusade?
    We talked for hours about nothing;
    we met thanks to fate.

    And now we wait.
    But I know we can be strong.
    Like all the heroes at that con.

    The next day I followed you around
    in silent awe.
    I was afraid I might just be
    a cosplay prop.
    But when you helped me buy Leeroy the plush,
    I thought this might be love.
    We have a super power of our own—
    to survive distance with a phone—
    and I will not let the miles
    defeat our smiles.

         Cry, Baby, Cry

    I won’t pretend to know how it feels.
    But, darlin’, I swear I’ve been hurt, too.
    If life’s got you down,
    then there’s only one thing left to do.

    Cry, baby, cry, baby, cry.
    Let it all out and let me in.
    And I will soak up your tears.

    Bottle it up if you wish,
    but don’t act surprised when you explode.
    You think it’s a sign of weakness,
    but only the brave lighten their load.

    Just let them fall, let your tears fall.

    Free downloads (just enter $0 as the price)

    (Source: crowdsourceinspiration, via crowdsourceinspiration)

    Hello! Have you written or composed a song where a person is in so much pain that it feels like it weighs on their heart?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Well, I wrote a song called “The Way You Weigh On My Heart”, but it’s a happy love song. In terms of pain weight, I’d say my tune “Cry, Baby, Cry”, which I’ll repost right now.

    Will you really write something for me??

    Asked by brandie1126

    Uhh, I’ll really write something for anyone. Assuming they put in an inspiring request. Email me something intriguing, and I’ll respond. crowdsourceinspiration@gmail.com

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